2018 Glass Blown Open One Round Challenge Flex Start C-Tier at Peter Pan

PDGA logoWednesday, April 25, 2018 at Peter Pan Park in Emporia, Kansas
C-tier · PDGA sanctioned singles tournament

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About this tournament

This one round C-Tier event allows you to practice Peter Pan and play a PDGA rated round. This is a flex start ... more
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Uncle Kaka    April 25 at 4:29pm

Can we still get store credits?

Dynamic Discs   April 26 at 2:57pm

What is the email associated with your account?

Dan Peraino    April 25 at 4:27am


Dan Peraino    April 25 at 4:05am

Plans change can I get a store credit as well? Cant make it tomorrow

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Dan Peraino   April 25 at 2:30pm

Done thanks

Dan Peraino   April 25 at 3:56pm

Did not work for some reason

Dynamic Discs   April 26 at 2:56pm

I just checked - there are 200 points added to your account ($20).

Michael Emerick    April 24 at 11:47pm

Plans changed any chance I can get store credit? Or is it online online?

Michael Emerick   April 25 at 12:13am

Online credit?

Dynamic Discs   April 25 at 2:43am

Yes store credit. I just added it to your account...you can use it in store or online.

Michael Emerick   April 25 at 9:51am


Fabian Venegas    April 22 at 5:15am

Can I please be moved to Rec.? I just realized I accidentally clicked Int.

Dynamic Discs   April 22 at 4:24pm

The TD at the course will be able to do that for you. The registration lists have already been printed. Mention it when you check in and they can switch you.

Brian Cox    April 15 at 5:38am

Can I move down from MA2 to MA3? Thank you.

Dynamic Discs   April 16 at 1:00pm


Cody Bartlett    April 4 at 2:42pm

not going to be able to play this event this year can I receive a refund? I also paid $30 since I didn't have my membership updated at the time

Dynamic Discs   April 5 at 5:29pm

Cody, it looks like you've been refunded and withdrawn!

Ryan G    March 29 at 8:49pm

Can I get waitlisted.
Ryan givens #76165

Dynamic Discs   March 29 at 9:58pm

No waitlist on Flex-Start C-Tiers. If you show up and there is no pre-registered players in the queue to start - you can pay day of. If line is too long, we want to make sure the pre-registered players get out on course first.

Mark Ohlson    March 29 at 4:08pm

The online reg has been closed. Any way to still get on the waitlist?

Dynamic Discs   March 29 at 7:47pm

You can walk-up the day of and see if there is space to play. We are no longer talking pre-reg though as we have 250+.

Jesse Weaver    March 26 at 4:14pm

I thought the cap was at 300 instead of 250

Jay Chadbourne   March 26 at 4:58pm

I g'night that was what was announced on DDs update last week. But some are still 250.

Dynamic Discs   March 26 at 7:14pm

Sorry for any confusion...The double disc flex starts at Flint Hills TEchnical COllege and at Hammond Park are limited to 300...the flex starts on the 18 hole courses are limited to 250.

Jay Chadbourne    March 26 at 2:30pm

Where this is a flex start event, how will waitlisted players know if they can play or not?

Dynamic Discs   March 26 at 2:35pm

If waitlisted players enter the event, they will receive an email with the update!

Ty Herrington    March 17 at 5:09pm

Inadvertently registered for MP50 instead of MA50. Can I please be moved to amateur division? Thanks.

Dynamic Discs   March 18 at 9:37pm

We made the switch for you. You are now in MA50.

Ty Herrington   March 19 at 1:42am


Chris Johnson    February 22 at 11:53pm

I will be unable to make it this year. Please withdraw my entry and refund me. Chris Johnson MA1 #31842

Dynamic Discs   February 23 at 1:41pm


Ian Reando    December 30 at 4:18pm

Could I be switched from Recreational Division to Intermediate Division please! Also when should we expect the $10 refunds to go through? Been a renewed 2018 member for about 2 months now and was just curious

Dynamic Discs   December 30 at 11:33pm

Done and done.

Ian Reando   December 30 at 11:38pm

Thank you so much!

Joey Bergman    December 12 at 9:50pm

Will there be a disc for the players pack?

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Joey Bergman   December 12 at 11:11pm

For the flex start and could I be switched from junior 15 to intermediate

Joey Bergman   December 12 at 11:16pm

I mean from junior 15 to advanced sorry for the confusion

Dynamic Discs   December 13 at 2:01pm

You have been switched to Advanced (MA1). There is not a player pack - but we do in store credit as payout for the top finishing ams (typically 40% of the field).

Dominic Bickford    December 2 at 1:05am

I am current and I was charged for not being current. Will That be refunded?

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Steve Sanders   December 4 at 1:17am

How about Winter Warmer and The Chill, same rule for all?

Dynamic Discs   December 4 at 5:46am

Steve, not sure about those two events - just the GBO-related events.

Steve Sanders   December 4 at 10:02pm

Golden, after renew, click update on email and get money back.