1st Annual Golden Flash Open

PDGA logoSaturday, September 18, 2021 at Kent State University Rec Center in Kent, Ohio
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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1st Annual Golden Flash Open! LAYOUT: FA4, FA3, FA2, MA4, MA3, and any Junior divisions will play the short ... more
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Joseph Schank    Sticky September 18 at 10:06pm

Thanks again to everyone who came out, YOU are all what made this event so awesome! I hope to see you all back next year for the 2nd annual!


Joseph Schank    Sticky September 16 at 3:14pm

Hey everyone! Quite a few last minute drops, please check your emails to see if we can fill out those slots before Friday at 8pm. After then I will no longer be accepting additions to the tournament.

Jon Dagata   September 17 at 1:32pm

Hey Joseph, I sent you a message yesterday but I will need to drop as well. Thanks.

Joseph Schank    Sticky September 8 at 7:12pm

Tentative players meeting emails have been sent out! Hope to see you all on Friday September 17th for the doubles event, as well as the tournament itself. As always any questions or concerns can be asked here or privately through email. Thank you all for making this the best event of the season!

Joseph Schank   September 10 at 4:25am

Just a clarification, everyone is welcome to the double event on the 17th. If you are registered and playing on Saturday the event will be free. Anyone who is not will have a five dollar entry fee.

Ryan Crump   September 16 at 8:38pm

What time is the doubles, and if I just got to signup and pay, when will I receive the email?

Joseph Schank   September 16 at 11:04pm

Tee off at 5:30 sharp! We need to have time to get through the course before dark. Check in closer to 5pm. Free if you're registered, $5 for anyone not playing Saturday.

Joseph Schank    Sticky August 16 at 8:41pm

Hole 1 - (Long Tee for all divisions, Par 3) OB left in the grasslands reserve and surrounded by water in the creek deep.

Hole 2 - (Long Tee for all divisions, Par 3) OB surrounded by water.

Hole 3 - (Long and Short Tees, Par 3) OB on or over any roads.

Hole 4 - (Long Tee, Par 4/Short Tee, Par 3) No OB should come into play.

Hole 5 - (Long Tee, Par 4/Short Tee, Par 3) No OB should come into play.

Hole 6 - (Long Tee, Par 3/ Short Tee, Par 3) No OB should come into play.

Hole 7 - ... more

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Joseph Schank   September 13 at 10:01pm

I'll adjust it shortly

James Waldron   September 15 at 11:55pm

Is it a par 4 or 3? Udisc still has it as 3, but post still says 4

Joseph Schank   September 16 at 12:40am

My mistake, the short tee on 18 will be a par three.

Jonny Flower    September 22 at 12:12pm

Great tournament. Had a great time on a fun course. Did anyone find a Jomez pro whale sac? Left it on hole 2/3 during the first round and someone had to of picked it up because it wasn’t there. Reach out if you did please!


Logan Stockton    September 20 at 9:44pm

Hey all lost my meal green corvette somewhere during the last round. I think on 18. Can’t remember if my name was on it or not. If anyone found it I’d be greatly appreciative!

Logan Stockton   September 20 at 9:45pm

Neon* lol not meal

Stephen mihaly    September 18 at 10:50pm

Thanks Joe amazing event bro. Very smooth play. glad to make it out to support your event. You did a great job.

Joseph Schank   September 18 at 11:03pm

Thank you Stephen! Always good to see familiar faces on the course.

Stephen mihaly    September 18 at 10:49pm

Lost a highlighter big z undertaker straight into the ob hole 1 maybe 50 ft or so. Hopefully it's found let me know if it is


Eric Fleet    September 18 at 10:21pm

Thanks for a great tournament. The cleanup was very much appreciated as was the water drops as well as the gift card handouts to make post-tournament awards go so much faster!

Joseph Schank   September 18 at 11:02pm

Thanks Eric! Hope to see you back next year!

Jon Dagata    September 18 at 8:56pm

Lost a red with green stamp star Innova sidewinder on hole 2. Would love it back if anyone finds it!


Jon Dagata    September 18 at 4:51pm

Found a disc on hole 2 of round 1. It's an Envy. If you can tell me the color, I'll get it to you.


Jeffrey Fitzhenry    September 18 at 4:31pm

Lost my car key fab. Please lete know if anyone finds it. Black and silver with Toyota symbol

Joseph Schank   September 18 at 4:34pm

I have it! Meet me at hole 1

Mike Bruce    September 18 at 11:04am

Are there any parking restrictions around the rec center or is it a free for all

Stephen mihaly   September 18 at 11:07am

It is free on the weekends

Christopher Brimm    September 18 at 2:28am

Should I show up as #1 on the waitlist?

Matt Campbell   September 18 at 2:52am

If you live close I would if I were you.

Eric Fleet    September 18 at 12:00am

I don't see a check-in time... when do we have to show up and sign in?

Joseph Schank   September 18 at 12:25am

Anywhere from 745am-845am

Bob Cundiff    September 17 at 4:55pm

Good luck Joe! Wish I was there.

Joseph Schank   September 17 at 4:58pm

Appreciate it Bob! I'm sure Fall Hyzer will be awesome!

David Michl    September 17 at 10:04am

For the doubles event later today, is it random draw dubs or BYOP?

Joseph Schank   September 17 at 2:04pm

Draw dubs

Ryan Crump    September 17 at 10:00am

Can anyone tell me where the meeting area is?

Joseph Schank   September 17 at 2:04pm

The parking lot for hole one.

Gabe Lopez    September 16 at 11:40pm

Is there an address for the check in site?

Joseph Schank   September 17 at 12:51am

1550 Ted Boyd Dr, Kent, OH 44240

Matt Warnement    September 16 at 11:19pm

Thank you so much