2023 SLCTR Club Championship

January 28, 2023 - November 4, 2023   ·   6 events

About this series

Eligibility Requirements: In order to be in contention for Club Champion, you must: ⦁ Compete in at least 2 of our 5 annual club-members-only XC-Tier events ⦁ Compete in the Club Championship (XC-Tier event at the end of the season) Points: Points are earned by competing in SLCTR club-members-only XC-Tier events. ⦁ All points earned in a division by a player stay in that division ⦁ PDGA allows for a 20 rating-point buffer for players who rate out of their division over the course of a points series. (See details at https://www.pdga.com/rules/competition-manual/202) ⦁ For example: the rating cap for MA2 is 935, but a 954 rated player could still compete in MA2 for the points series if they began the series under a 935 rating in MA2 and followed all other requirements listed by the PDGA ⦁ Points are calculated as follows: ⦁ 5 participation points for each event us ...
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