River City Club Series

February 8, 2020 - October 24, 2020   ·   8 events

About this series

Divisions and Entry fees * $20 for MPO, MP40, and MP50 divisions, $5 to finals payout. * $10 for AM1 division, $3 to finals payout. * $5 for FPO and FA1, $1 to finals payout. * $2 extra if you don’t have a tag. 1-round division * $3 entry fee - goes to club finals. * Play only the first round for points and tags - no payout. * The round counts as 1 event for finals qualifier. * Tags are awarded to people playing just 1 round based on their score vs all players. The #1 tag is withheld from this distribution. Points * Calculated by awarding 1 point for playing and 1 point for each other player with a higher score total. * Best round of two is used for calculation. * If two rounds have different layouts, then the 1-round division’s layout is used to calculate points for all players. Finals * Finals will have champs/payouts for each division. * All women ...
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