Grant Harris

Missouri, USA Righty - backhand

Grant's reviews

Blue Ribbon Pines › July 9, 2020
This course is everything that I expected, except I did not appreciate the standing water.
Paul A. Schroeder Park › June 1, 2020
The course lacked accurate signs starting on hole 6. Another negative was that it felt like I walked uphill to the next hole while threw downhill most of the time. I would have liked it If they had more uphill shots. Also, basket 6 lacked the number, 6, and hole 8's basket said number 7. Most of the chains also need to be replaced since they did not grab the disc that well. I liked all the trees at this course and the mix of wood fairways and open fairways with large trees.
Harmony Bends DGC › February 15, 2023
Amazing Course! This is my new favorite. The taxpayers must pay a lot for the public parks, including this one, or I do not know why this is a free to play course. It the best free to play course you will ever find. The variety here was great. Some uphill. Some downhill. Some open bomb shots. Some tunnel shots. A running creek.
Carrollton Park › November 10, 2019
This is my current favorite course in the area. Compared to the other three I went to, this does have great navigation, elevation, trees, no mud, rolly and bumpy elevation change, which is great, and no mud. Endicott also has these attributes but it is not in as safe of an area. The length of a hole varied from 230 to 800 feet. The navigation was awsome as it told me where every hole is on the map by hole 1, where the next hole was on the tee pad sign, and some navigation arrows on trees. There ...
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Creve Coeur Lake ParkMain course › April 27, 2023
Good beginner to intermediate level course. All holes except hole 5 is easily parable, but that is with a 300 ft backhand and 250 foot forehand. The course is flat, mostly windy, and some trees (enough to make it interesting and fun). There is some OB and I usually find myself in one per round. Signage is good. I like the back nine in that I can easily play it out of order (which I do when there are longer wait lines on a hole). Hole 1s and 18 right next to parking lot which is a good conve ...
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Logan University › March 30, 2021
This is of my favorites. There is water. There is elevation change. There are short holes along with 600+ feet holes. There are woods along with open bombs. The only negative thing about this course is the walk to hole 18 and mud. After reading the reviews, here are some updates. There are new turf tee pads, a picture of the fairway at the tee pad telling where each possible basket could be for the hole and where the next hole but still had trouble finding hole 18, and spray paint arrows on the ground telling you where to go next.
Abendschein Park › October 7, 2019
Most of the holes are short except for three long ones. There a couple of human-made greens here, which add a dynamic to the course. Some shots include trees, but none are in the woods.
Endicott Park › October 7, 2019
Really nice course. A lot of trees. This course offers woods, openness, short, long, different lines, and a little creek during the rainy season; Everything a disc golfer wants.
Estabrook Park › August 23, 2019
Should NOT be ranked 85 out of 95. I liked everything about this course except that the map does not show what pin position the pin is in. The map on each hole does a good job showing what the fairway looks like and pointing me to the next hole. This course does not need a TON of challenge like what others want since Brown Deer Park is 10 minutes away.
Capital Springs State Park › August 7, 2019
Excellent course to explore new discs, as I was doing. To play a tournament at a course that I do not play often, this is a good one to play at since I know what shots work best after just a couple of rounds. This course could get boring after a little bit for a local player. The lowlight here is there are only three holes in the woods, one hole that ends in the woods, and another hole that is on the edge of the woods. These five holes are all in a row. I would instead want the wooded holes and ...
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Rollin Ridge › August 3, 2019
AMAZING and NEW FAVORITE COURSE!! There are nine different layouts, and only three of the holes have the red and black tee pads together. What also I liked that I did not know I came here was that there is a lost and found for any discs lost including the discs in the water that specialists eventually find. There are 3 true par 5's which I do not come across often. Not a lot of mud and mosquitoes during this time with less rain. Very well maintained. The man-made structures definitely deserve the $5 they ask for.
Fairfield ParkGold course › August 1, 2019
I enjoyed the challenge but the poor direction from basket to tee caused me to lose some strokes. There was good direction from basket to next tee. There was a good amount of variation with elevation and wooded shots with open shots but one thing I wish was that not all the wooded shots would be on one section of the course: holes 6 - 16.
Riverside Park › July 21, 2019
I really like this course except that I wish they had short and long tee pads on every hole. I like the mix of open prairie and wooded holes. There were no drastic elevation changes except on hole 1 but the fairway of some holes was hilly. The tee pads and baskets were nice.
Dretzka ParkMain course › July 10, 2019
This is my favorite course. Some hard holes and some easier holes. Very well kept. I like that they added those bonus 9 holes since it acts as is a relief from the first 18 holes. I like the rotating pins in the Milwaukee courses since it makes each hole sometimes have a different shot each time. This course also offers long tee pads for about half of the holes.
Root River Parkway › September 25, 2018
I really like this course. It has some holes where you have to throw a bomb at least for the tournament layout of the panda open. Some wide open shots and some in the woods. A couple of holes have water danger. With the varied positions, the course never plays the same every month. The only thing that could be better for this course is to have 18 long and short tee pads.
Valley View Park › July 30, 2019
This course is really short with some technical shots. I wish every hole was 70 feet longer. There are very dated signs but very new and nice baskets. People that I played with said it is sometimes very muddy but I was very lucky to not play on a muddy day.
Brookfield Soccer Complex › August 28, 2018
It was a really great indoor course with the only exception being hole 8 because it was very cluttered and dark back there. If I I played by myself which means no waiting, I would really like it a lot.
East Troy Middle School › March 26, 2018
No elevation or obstacles. It plays along the baseball and soccer fields. Also, it plays along the road which can be dangerous. Grass tee pads. Tee pads are marked with the number hole and a piece of wood.
Christ Lutheran Church › May 10, 2018
There were no signs whatsoever. There was basically no designed holes and no tees. No number signs on the baskets. Overgrown. A lot of burrs. Every tee was from the previous basket. Decent layout otherwise. Elevation changes. Some with woods and some without trees. Needs more distance and two tee pads instead of zero. A good course that is close to hear is Village Park in Sussex.
Brown Deer Park › August 21, 2022
Nicely groomed. It is nice that they have different basket options because then it is never the exact same as before. Only con is that the rough can be rough with overgrown buckthorn/honeysuckle. The obstacles to this course are what makes this course so hard. 10 ft. wooded fairways. I see that they have newer signs. Best course in the area.
Oakwood Community Park › June 26, 2019
It is nice to have two tee pads on each hole to make it 18 holes. Good elevation changes and some obstacles. Really good baskets. Good for my level. If all the courses were like the number 1 course in the world, it would get boring. Thankfully there are so many different types of courses. 18 Concrete tee pads finally! It could be an A if this course got its grass cut more than just once a year.
Prairie Park › February 15, 2018
It is only a nine hole course on a small lot. They did well with what they had. But again, since it is a small lot, people could maybe be throwing into each other on a couple on the holes like hole 1 and 2.
Hiestand Park › June 22, 2018
Good 15-20 foot fairways on most holes. A lot of elevation changes. Good distance on all holes. They have two tee pads which are nice.
Vallarta-Ast › July 31, 2019
I really liked the course, it really deserves $8 from those who play here. You can get the map found before hole 1 to guide you in the course. It is a good difficulty for me. It has true par 3 and 4s which makes it more fun because it varies the distance of each hole. On hole 22, I liked the O.B. of having to get in the 32 feet radius around the basket of wood chips when the hole is 261 feet. Some up and down elevation holes. Also, the fairways had some with obstacles and some without obstacles.
Village Park › June 24, 2019
Good course for my level. Some short tunnel throws. Good amount of trees. Some long holes to add variety. Some uphill and downhill holes and my favorite thing about this course is the very long cement tee pads.
Minor ParkTemporary course › April 5, 2018
The holes are close together. no tee pads. Some holes do not identify where the basket is. Good amount of trees. Better for my level.
Phantom Lake YMCA Camp › October 27, 2017
No tee pads. Some of the baskets do not have the basket part in it. Very unmaintained. A tree was on top of hole 4. A lot of mosquitoes. Chad rated it a C because it was a C in 2013 when looking at the pictures. But since then, it has been completely unmaintained which gives it an F, not an F- because Christ Lutheran Church frisbee golf course is worse.
Carlin Weld Park › July 9, 2018
challenging for my level. cool park. No one is there so I can get the course to myself. Close to my house. a lot of knapweed and long grass to create fairways to aim at. No uphill fairways. Organized, it is nice that they tell me where the next hole is. It is cool that Hole 1 is on rocks. A bathroom. Picnic area. Practice basket. Cement tee pads. More mosquitoes in mosquito season. A good amount of obstacles. I like the distance of this course since there is only one hole under 210 feet but this course is technical which makes it very frustrating but fun because I know I can get better.
Miniwaukan Park › March 24, 2018
a lot of mosquitoes. A good amount of trees. good for my level. bad very dipped in tee pads. Bad signage because it needs to tell me how far away the basket, which basket I am shooting at, and where the next hole is. It seems that it should be obvious where I am shooting at but on some holes, there are two baskets that are in view close to the actual basket.
Knoch Knolls Park › July 4, 2017
Wales Community Park › May 21, 2018
More trees, please. good for my level. Short walks to the next holes except for hole 9 to hole 10. Signs are next to the hole giving the length of the hole. My least favorite thing about the course is that there is mud all around the cement tee pads after a rain or snow which is annoying because I mostly fall off balanced after my drive so I always have to step in the mud in front of it or throw a worse throw to not go in the mud.
Katherine Legge Memorial Park › September 27, 2017
very clean and organized. Good layout. Good for my level. Short walks to the next tee. It is free.
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