Kompact Kites

Missouri, USA Righty - backhand

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Woodland Park › February 23, 2012
This course is easy to find, and looks beautifully woody, which the name suggests, and has some shallow water hazards that make it unique. Wildlife such as ducks, geese, and swans also hang out in the water which gives it a nice touch; Unfortunately there are lots of gumballs, kids, pets, and other park goers that completely ignore the disc golf players, and pavilion and pathway users are littered on good weather days, which is right next to holes 1 and 2 to start out. The tee box's are a f ...
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Quail Ridge › February 10, 2012
Love this course, hole one and two can be hard to find, they need to have signs at the opening of the park.
Jefferson Barracks Hist. Park › February 22, 2012
This is one of my favorite courses of all time. Can get a bit busy on nice days, and tournaments every sunday at noon, but over all challenging and fun. There are a few wet spots which the pro's use as out of bounds, which can make for a more challenging game.
Dear scat is just about everywhere however due to the massive amount of deer, but you will also see lots of eagles, owl's and skunks.
Pier Park › December 31, 2010
Not a big fan, course reminds me of the midwest courses. Also a hot spot for the 5-0 stings.
Leverich Park › December 31, 2010
I dislike the ring around hole 2 now. I do like how they took the picnic bench's out of hole 1. I hate the poopy doo river on hole 9.
Portland Lunchtime DGC › February 22, 2012
Thanks to DGOD keeping up the course!
This course is close to downtown portland, and on church property, but it has lots of pavement which means lots of out of bounds, however several ace chance shots.
Great course over all. Pastor of the church is very friendly.