Atom Czar

Ontario, Canada Lefty/Righty driver, Righty putter - Backhand and forehand

Atom's reviews

Mohawk DGC › July 24, 2011
Best course for beginners IMO, Shorter holes, mostly easy to progress to next hole w/o confusion, and always well groomed with so little room for a lost disc. You need to learn accuracy to get through the trees, and there is an adjacent soccer field to practice driving techniques at full power w/ minimal lost discs(if you throw them all at the same time)
Pittock Conservation Park › July 16, 2011
Fairways, if you would call them that, were as narrow as a single pass with a lawn tractor. If the throw wasn't near perfect, you had to hunt for it in long grass or weeds. Paying to play this course was a little frustrating.(but I am a cheep SOB) Nice layout for most of the holes. Score card w/ map that was provided at the gates was fantastic, and absolutely helpful.