Brad Merzlock

Idaho, USA Righty - forehand

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MASSACRE ROCKS ROCKS!!!!!   33 pictures
Me (Brad Merzlock), Collin Miller, David Laudin, Chris Redfield, Mike Buist, Ty Clark, and Kevin(Park managment) played our first 18 at the brand new Massacre Rocks disc golf course. We played doubles to get a good feel for the course. 1st brad/mike -5 2nd ty/chris -2 3rd collin/david 0 and 4th kevin park man dk. Overall a sweet coarse lots of elevation changes. decent wheather conditions great view. Just an all american badass coarse worth the drive.
MOAB dgc for easter   25 pictures
easily one of the most geograffically brilliant courses out there huge rock ,gorges, disc golf what could be better. Even my brothers who dont really play loved they even wanted to go play again.
general pics   6 pictures
bengal ridge skins march 6th   13 pictures
had a local meeting of disc golfers tuff battle all the way through only a few came out victorious caleb wolf won 5 holes, James Litchfield won 4 holes, and Brad Merzlock won 9 holes. Great time, we had about 9 rockstars show up. The wheather was great sunny absolutely no wind. just good old fashion fun.