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Oregon, USA Righty - backhand

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Xerox - Wilsonville › June 13, 2017
Course starts off in the trees but opens up nicely in to a field. While there are trees on each of holes they are avoidable. The 14 foot wide double mando on hole 6 is a little challenging but laying-up in the middle leaves a make-able putt for birdie.
Wilsonville Memorial Park › June 21, 2016
Fun little course that will help with working on up-shots.
Each hole had a tee-sign.
Corban College › May 17, 2016
Fun little, tight course!
New tee signs were recently installed and all fairways but one mowed!
Bear Creek DGC › May 9, 2016
Amazing course that is well worth the drive!
Tee signs are on every hole and mark current basket positions!
Each hole has 3 to 4 basket location and baskets are changed monthly!

Great mix of tight and open fairways. All mowed and groomed too!
Crazy elevation shots both up hill and downhill!

EPIC #8 Hole to one huge basket!
Wortman Park › April 6, 2016
Pretty technical course with lots of trees that make for very low lines.
No tee signs or course map present. The tee pads are very small and the hole #s on them are wornaments out too.
Wheatland DGC @ Willamette Mission State ParkWheatland DGC › April 3, 2016
Course is looking good... tee signs in and very helpful in getting around.
All the Open fairways are mowed and we'll defined. The inner/ wooded holes are starating to grow out and the ever present poison oak is popping up.
South Beach State Park › March 3, 2016
fun little pitch and putt course. most tees under 100ft
Heider's Hike › March 3, 2016
very technical course and a long "hike"
Trojan Park › March 1, 2016
As there is no course sign or tee signs this course goes down one grade.

With all concrete pads and descent baskets in the ground Trojan should be on everyone's list to though at least once. Be prepared though... This is not a course for beginners and most players will lose at least one if not more discs in the water. There is water to deal with on almost all the holes but #1. This makes for a very challenging course. Add in any wind and/or rain and makes for an interesting round of disc golf.
Ross Farm › May 25, 2021
Had a great mix of technical and open holes. Lots of elevation changes in the holes and trails as well. Tee markers on every hole and both sets of pads.
11 and 18 blue are some of the more challenging holes I've ever played.
Worth the drive and definitely a "destination" course!
Camp TaloaliCamp Taloali DGC › February 8, 2016
Technical course that also has openings.
New accurate tee signs would be nice.
Marshall's Secret Course › February 1, 2016
Very beautiful and wooded, highly technical course.
Tee pads are very well built. They are a little short and most you can not extend over the front as they are elevated.
There is a lot of elevation which lends to long up hill throws and great downhill holes!
If it was able to be open more often the trails and rough would be a little easier to transverse.
One of the better courses around; just needs to be open more please
Santiam Golf Course › January 11, 2016
On nine holes of a ball golf course so...
Fairways were perfect.
Rough wasn't that rough at all.
Having a clubhouse for the players meetings, lunch and awards was awesome.
Grass tee pads that got muddy and very slippery quickly though.
Distances on tee signs were estimates and off.
Westmoreland › January 8, 2016
Fun little course. Even with tee signs though it is very difficult to tell which pin locations the baskets are in...
Stewart Pond › January 8, 2016
The best built tee pads I have ever seen!
As with all my reviews.. with no current signage my score drops a full grade.
Once the signs are in this course will be one of the best in the state!
The variety of shots, including elevation changes, will have you throwing multiple discs on each hole to find the correct line!
Definitely a "destination course" in both the winter and summer
Toledo Red Dog DGC › October 29, 2015
There are not a lot of courses I would say "don't play" too but this is one of them...
The course is on the side of a mud hill and covered in tree needles which makes for one slippery course! The lack of decent trails makes it very difficult to navigate!

Spotters for tee shots and up shots are a must as there are a lot of kids in the park and one may have picked up a card members disc.. keep an eye on your discs at all times here!
The Grove › September 25, 2015
Lack of proper signage! Some holes do have tee signs but not all location are on it.
Most of the baskets were in the shortest positions which made for a fun round!
A lot of different shots are needed to successfully navigate the course. Some baskets are elevated as well.
Willamette Park › June 14, 2016
Lack of a correct course map, tee signs, walk out signs, etc.. are discouraging and drop any course to a down in my book. Proper signage shound be the first thing done when adding to or altering a course so players can navigate what you've added!
So many fairways cross other holes i can see this park being hard to play during an wvent or if the part is busy.
Jefferson School District › September 3, 2015
No real signage or help getting around course...
Fun course otherwise with a good variety of throws needed
Aldersgate Conference Center › August 26, 2015
Pretry fun course! 1 to 5 are nice and flat. 6 to 9 are on a hill that is a workout to climb.
Worth staying at the camp just to play the course!
MINET DGC › October 1, 2015
15 long is not playable for a casual/rec/intermediate player but there is an alternate short position now.

Definitely not a course for beginners, casual, recreational or intermediate players..
A lot of the course is not playable if other park activities are taking place
The Hawg Farm › June 12, 2015
The greens are mowed perfectly! The green's keeper does an amazing job!
With distances marked ever 10 feet, and a 10 meter line, The Hawg Farm is the prefect place to practice putting!
The old man there will talk your ear off if you want too! :-)
Champoeg State ParkOld Oak Grove › May 29, 2015
Course is looking awesome! Fairways ate nice and short and the rough isn't that rough despite the looks of it.
was an awesome round except for the mis-labeling of the baskets. From the #12 tee pad there are four baskets viable but none say they are for #12
Waterloo › March 3, 2016
Vastly Improved Course!
I'm not sure I've seen another course go from "unplayable" to, not only playable, but VERY ENJOYABLE in such a short amount of time. The lack of a course map near hole #1 is disappointing but I have heard it and tee-signs are on the way. Once those are in this is an "A" course easily and a hidden gem in the Willamette Valley.

I would still recommend playing it the first time with a local so that you play the course correctly
Pier Park › March 10, 2015
Blue Lake Park › March 10, 2015
Boones Ferry Community Church › March 10, 2015
Clark Park › March 10, 2015
Milo McIver State ParkRiverbend DGC › March 10, 2015
Champoeg State ParkOriginal course › February 26, 2015
Keizer Rapids › October 5, 2015
The actual part of the course is great! More cleared out than even after the mowing!
The tee sign posts are a hazard as stated numerous times. I hit two of nine on my follow through. The lack of tee signs, is expected :-(, still though? Thought they were to be in months ago?

And... can we get a basket moved? #1 maybe?
Western Oregon University › September 9, 2014
This is a really open course with little obstacles. Perfect for beginners or for working on your drives!
River Front Park › September 8, 2014
Only 7 holes but some very challenging ones are in there! Avoiding people, rivers, and trees will require some skill!
Woodmansee Park › March 11, 2016
Extremely tight, technical, wooded course that can humble the best disc golfers our there. Good Course Map on Kiosk and Tee Signs on every hole.
The baskets move a lot and by the time you come around for the back nine you might be playing a different positions. Adds to the variety and fun of the course.

During the winter it does get really muddy and slick and that makes the hill on 4 and 5 a little hard to get up and down those parts.
If the course is busy it can be hard to get a round in with it having the dual tee pads.
Dallas City Park › September 6, 2014
Adair Park › March 30, 2021
Pioneer Park › September 6, 2014
Church Park › September 6, 2014
Cascades Gateway › March 3, 2016
Lack of course map and tee signs is costing the course a letter grade...

Cascades is a wide open course. There are concrete tee pads that do get a little slippery when wet and from the geese...
In the mornings when the wind is come it is a very fun course to go throw. If the wind picks up though discs do funny things and it is not so much fun.

After over a year of playing there the grass under the baskets is still there and a pet peeve of mine...
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