Steven D. Fenrich

Michigan, USA Lefty - backhand

Steven's reviews

J.C. Park › October 22, 2011
Although it is on the other side of town from where I live, I consider this a "home course" of sorts. There is excellent turn variation, wooded throughout, and typically very quiet.
Earl W. Brewer ParkBlue course › October 22, 2011
Tight, short and wooded. I typically practice here before tournaments in wooded courses.
Earl W. Brewer ParkWhite course › October 22, 2011
Longer than blue but still tight woods 3-9.
Earl W. Brewer ParkRed course › October 22, 2011
Long and open. Good turn variation
Earl W. Brewer ParkGold course › October 22, 2011
Red with a few hundred extra feet.
Cornerstone University › October 22, 2011
While it is very short and mostly open, pin placements are often place near several-feet drops or rises in elevation; that in conjunction with a small lake without windbreak trees accentuates even small winds. This makes for a rather challenging short course where a minor breeze can make the difference on tight boundaries. I think it is very well designed. Drainage and marshlands playing so close to fairways are drawbacks