Jason 'Skip Scoob' Cassidy

Michigan, USA Righty - forehand

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Water Works Park › August 20, 2015
This course isn't easy or a gimme from any set of teepads. Which is awesome. There is so much potential with this course, and can't wait to see what the future holds for it! 24 Cha!ns have worked their butts off to maintain this place and it shows! Favorite 9 hole course easily.
Rolling Hills County ParkMain course › August 20, 2015
Nice job on this one! Shorts are fun and still challenging not just deuce all day. Longs had me feeling inferior, which it should for anyone sub 900. Tight wooded shots throughout the course. You better hit your line or you may be in rough shape. Two sets of teepads, distances, brooms. benches. They give you everything you need and then some.
Bandemer Park › August 20, 2015
My rating is an average of all the tee pads, Reds are fun, but don't need more than a buzzz, whites are probably my favorite layout on this course. Blues will make you work for par. For a nine hole course, it's hard to ask for more.
Grand Woods ParkMain course › August 20, 2015
Independence Lake County ParkRed Hawk › August 20, 2015
If you play one course while you're in A2 area, this would be the one I would tell people to play. It costs $9 to get in, if you're an out of towner, but it totally worth it. Play. This. Course.
Lincoln Park › August 20, 2015
Fun course, In the front, you are in deuce or die territory, you want to be gobbling those up as much as you can. It has some longer holes that come later in the round, that are open and can air some drives out after being putter and midrange happy in the beginning. Doesn't favor one type of throw and can put a hurt on you if you aren't making your lines. And hope you like Train Whistles! ;)
Burchfield ParkRiver's Edge › August 20, 2015
Very very tough for someone rated sub 900, hole 2 is super fun to throw and would love to empty my bag out from up there. Bring your A game!
Hudson Mills MetroparkMonster course › August 20, 2015
Super fun course, always enjoy playing it because it fits my abilities. They did a lot of clearing and opened the course up quite a bit which on the monster hole makes wind a bigger factor now than before. Forehand friendly course.
Hudson Mills MetroparkOriginal course › August 20, 2015
What a unique layout this one is, fun to play but off the bat hole one will set thee tone for the round. In the summer months the mosquitos can get a little rough on this course, but it isn't too terrible. Good mix of backhand and forehand holes more challenging lines when you get to the back 9.
Baw Beese Lake / Owen Park › August 20, 2015
This course is intimidating, the only real challenge is being able to reach the baskets off a drive because the distance is no joke out here. Natural teepads and some older baskets that make spit outs a definite possibility, always have a great time down here.
Big Portage Lake › August 20, 2015
Definitely a beginner friendly course, if you want to work on your control and midrange shots this course will challenge you with that. Average hole is 250ft. Nice course for the amount of land that was given.
Merrill Park WestThe Gulch › April 25, 2015
Burchfield ParkDevil's Den › August 20, 2015
One of the best courses. period! All the different layouts and the sand OB's and how well it is manicured makes you bias toward other courses sometimes. The hole 18 long basket is probably one of my top 5 holes ever, there are baskets you play to that are in bowls and others that are elevated, just tests your accuracy, distance and consistency. A top 5 favorite and a must play
LakeshoreThe Ponds › August 20, 2015
Victory Park › August 20, 2015
Literally my favorite park to play, for one its where I learned the game of disc golf and I think it has everything that a disc golf course needs to have. Distance on a couple holes, Tightly wooded on others, Elevation changes, OB everywhere, Water hazards. It will definitely test your skill and make or break you. That being said I have never shot anywhere close to par here, but I appreciate the course nonetheless. Only thing that would make it superior is signage other than the board in the beg ...
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Jackson College › August 20, 2015
Cascade Township Park › March 5, 2011