Joe Costa

Georgia, USA Righty - Backhand and forehand

Joe's reviews

North Landing › April 29, 2023
Easily one of the best practice courses in metro ATL. Two tee pads for most of the 18 holes, and now secondary baskets for 11 holes. A great mix of shots, only three holes present as “woods” style golf while the rest more closely resemble “park” style golf. The difference between the short and long tees is dramatic in terms of scoring, and the holes with “B” position baskets offer a stern test from the tips. Safari options seem limitless as you scan the property, the modest $50 a yea ...
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Suwanee Creek DGC › May 25, 2015
OLD SCHOOL! This is a short technical course with a challenging mix of straight, right and left lines from tee to green. What the course lacks in length it more than makes up for with very tight driving windows. Most holes have a multiple lines to the hole, with some very challenging risk vs. reward lines. Well designed with good flow, I'd suggest parking by hole 14 and starting on hole 13 (pull in the park and turn left, go past the pavilion at hole 1 to the last parking lot. Follow the arrows ...
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