Scott Nowack-Thompson

Ontario, Canada Lefty - backhand

Scott's reviews

Logan Gardens › January 22, 2013
Course layout was well defined with tee pads, distances and pars at the blocks. The baskets were very beautiful and looked aesthetically pleasing and appeared to made by the parks department ... but... the there was not chain ring at the bottom of the chains and there were not enough chains so they were too tight making putts into the basket relatively impossible so we considered hitting the chains square being "in". Although despite all that I still managed an ace on hole 8 a Z Crush that skipped into the basket.
Eddison Park › January 15, 2013
Great park with lots of trees that make great obstacles. There are no tee pads or tee signs or maps. Great potential but needs some disc golfer love.
Little Lake › August 22, 2012
Great map, tee signs, flow. Tee pads are not my cup of tea but they worked better than I thought they would... wondering how they play in wet and snowy conditions? Very technical course that utilises the area well inter-twined a multi-purpose park.
Steen Park › May 22, 2012
Christie Lake Conservation Area › May 14, 2012
Waterworks › April 18, 2012
Tee pads could be longer but it is very nice to have concrete in the forest!!! Some access areas to climb the hills could have the steps fixed. In an attempt to remove the leaves and loose sticks on the course it is removing materials that make the fairways very muddy.
River's Edge at St. Julien's Park › April 5, 2012
Tee signs just need replaced. Fairways well maintained. Baskets in good condition. More garbage and recycling cans would be beneficial as well. Some great challenging holes, righty, lefty, roller, straight, and dog legs.
University of Guelph Magnolia › January 9, 2012
This course can be considered short from the AM tees but provides a lot of challenges where drives have to go over or around trees a short distance from the tee blocks. There are a lot of opportunities for some excellent roller shots. The course should be easy to par for season players but there are many traps that can cost you a stroke or two on a couple of holes.
E.T. Seton Park › November 15, 2011
Course is new in the ground for less than a year and thus tee locations / signs have not been formally determined. There was confusion on finding the tee pads and in the mean time there should be temporary markers. Newbees we saw on the course were just zig zagging across the fairways and making up their own course. Designed for better players with multiple basket locations that in the long position is not friendly to get more people playing the game. In two circumstances due to the bottlene ...
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Shade's Mills Conservation Park › November 6, 2011
There is a lot of growth on this course with not many holes where you can see the basket from the tee. Fairways are very tight on some holes and are not forgiving with tightly grown undergrowth of vines and bushes that make it hard to punch out of forcing to throw over them or lose a stroke by hitting wood. Not a good course in the summer as the vegetation has leaves making finding discs almost impossible. Not a bad early spring, late fall and winter course.
Chicopee › October 17, 2011
Lake Whittaker Conservation Park › October 10, 2011
One of my favorite courses. Tight fairways with lots of guard trees for lefty and righty players to play around or through. Favours Leftys more than Rightys which works for me but would force Rigthys to play different shorts rather than just hyzers. Beautifully maintained with very defined cut fairways. Change would be to move or level tee pad for 12 and 15 blues, move a couple of the tee signs as there is the potential to run you hand into it and put distances on the signs.
Pittock Conservation Park › August 12, 2011
Redesigned course in July 2010. Tee signs installed in June 2011. Course map and score cards available at gatehouse.
Some fairways and landing areas need to be cut wider to allow for amateur players a chance to find their disc and shot from the short grass. Spotters required on at least 3 or 4 holes due to long grass and weeds.
Pender Island Disc Park › August 5, 2011