Austin Massie

Righty - Backhand and forehand

Austin's reviews

Mt. Airy Forest › July 9, 2014
Great course with nice long holes. First time is a little rough because it's hard to navigate through the course, but once you get the layout down it's very nice!
Hedges Boyer Park › October 27, 2013
Beginner course. A few water hazards, but no real challenging holes.
Gordon Holton Memorial › October 25, 2013
Kinslow › October 21, 2013
Amazing course! Very short and technical. Especially fun since they have moved the course layout around a little. It has two real long, straight holes and the rest are very short tech. Great course for beginners, amateurs, and even the pros!
Sawyer Ludwig › October 21, 2013
It is a somewhat difficult course with a rather nice layout. The course itself mainly due to the surroundings is a very trashy atmosphere. You also get to see heroin addicts wander around through the woods aimlessly and walk right down fairways! ( Very annoying)