Kevin Dzekunskas

Illinois, USA Righty - backhand

Kevin's reviews

West Lake Park › August 11, 2013
I have never attempted the pro tees, but they look brutally hard! I will be reviewing the amateur tees only. This course has multiple holes that would be "signature holes" on most other courses. Some pruning is needed but not a lot...#2 safe landing area has become 90% blocked by tree foliage as opposed to 6 years ago when you had a wide open look and an ace try. An apple tree hanging directly on the entire tee prevents use of the tee on 14. Still the biggest problem with this course is the amou ...
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Credit Island Park › May 5, 2015
Driver --> Driver --> Buzz --> Putt............. Wayyy too long. why anyone would go here with all of the nice courses we have here in the Quad Cities is beyond me...maybe if you live nearby and transportation option #1 is a bicycle??? Or if you throw it 500 feet you might like going here to show off your big arm but that still doesn't make it a course.
Walnut Ridge Recreation Area › July 19, 2013
bring your A game!!!
Grandview Park › July 19, 2013
I enjoyed the course beginning with the course map posted as you near the first tee. A quick photo with the iphone was all it took to give me the confident feeling to begin my round knowing I wouldn't get "lost". Good use of trees in this moderately wooded course although I had brought my "A" game that day and had many birdies (more than average) due to well placed shots from the tee. The back 9 seemed to get a bit tighter and the birdies began to stop but I found that all holes were par unless ...
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Butterworth Park › July 19, 2013
This is a perfect example of what happens when a course is forced into a park where disc golf does not belong. The holes are odd and often weaving thru a playground. Tees are sometimes missing and on about a third of the holes the next tee is nearly impossible to find due to the flow of the course being awkward and poorly arranged. The problem is that the city of East Moline doesn't own a large park so mustering up this 9 hole course where a disc golf course doesn't belongwas their token effort ...
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Camden ParkMain course › May 19, 2013
Camden 1 = A great mix of open holes where you can grab the heavy plastic and some wooded/tunnel holes that require pinpoint accuracy or improvising.
Camden ParkAdditional course › May 19, 2013
Camden 2 = Carved out of a stand of trees 5 years ago, this course is coming along nicely due to the long hours by the dedicated volunteers who work on it. It is a real test if that's what you are looking for.
Richmond Hill Park › May 28, 2013
I enjoyed the course layout except that signs, arrows, markers etc need maintenance. Almost half of the tee signs were either missing or the information had peeled off so finding our way around took some effort. I created an updated course map and printing it ahead of time will be necessary if it is your first time. The course has had a moderate overhaul in the past few years so even if you played it several years ago you should rev ...
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