Paavo Stubstad

North Carolina, USA Righty - backhand

Paavo's reviews

Reno Adventure ParkTom's Cliff Top Course - Green › June 2, 2013
Another great course with tons of variety - open shots, tight shots, and a lot of elevation change - my favorite element in disc golf. There are some incredibly intimidating putts on this course as well; baskets right next to cliffs and such...
Reno Adventure ParkTom's Cliff Top Course - Red › November 17, 2013
This course is insane... truly the most extreme disc golf course I've ever played. (I'd say Squaw Valley comes in 2nd). Fortunately I love crazy and ridiculous shots like the ones that this course requires. Hole 1 starts off deceivingly easy, and then it gets ridiculous. My reaction to seeing many of the tee locations on this course was "holy shit!" A TON of elevation change, and really gnarly loose and rocky terrain. This course is not only a lot of fun, but it's a real workout as well! Nov. ...
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Reno Adventure ParkTom's Cliff Top Course - Blue › June 2, 2013
A really fun and unique course to warm up on. I always feel like I need about 9 holes to warm up on any given day, so this course is perfect for that. I get to warm up with approach shots and putts before I play a "real" 18-hole course. Love it!
Sierra College › January 21, 2023
One of my favorite courses. No complaints at all! :-D
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