Alan Fox

Kansas, USA Righty - backhand

Alan's reviews

University Park › February 3, 2017
Tee pads and signs are not installed yet. But this course has a huge mix of holes benificial for right, left, flick, backhand shots. Really long and the par 64 is legit!!
Wyandotte County Park › March 19, 2015
Very long course, lots of OB, real nice baskets with flags, huge perfect tee pads.
McNish Park › August 17, 2014
Great short course some different shots it is a great course to practice your approach shots.
Thomas Park › November 9, 2013
Fun and very challenging I am a back hand thrower and never flicked this much in my life haha practice practice practice!
YMCA of the Rockies › September 2, 2013
Not to hard get past the trees and your good lol
Brown Memorial Park › August 28, 2013
It was fun lots of trees which makes you have to do different shots really clean and really well kept
South Park › August 15, 2013
It was a fun course.... but no tee signs or worn down patches of grass to know where to tee off from
Dechairo Park › April 14, 2013
It was a fun course hole 3 is awesome and challenging due to only having like a 5 to 10 foot landing area around the basket due to water. Baskets are a lil hard to keep a disc in but all in all I liked the course and will be back for sure!
Dexter Park › February 17, 2013
It's a good course to practice your mid-range and short distance holes. With the park there aren't to many places to have long holes. Baskets are homemade but they all have flags on top and easy to see numbers on them. It was fun though...but not to difficult.
Huntress › February 17, 2013
Love the elevation holes finding some of the tee pads were a little tough but all in all there were so really fun holes not to challenging but a fun time
Fairmont Park › February 24, 2013
Back 9 had some tough fun holes and some simi easy fun holes loved it today and had a blast
Warner Park › February 14, 2013
Love the holes the tee boxes are awesome and most holes challenging
Tuttle Creek State Park - River Pond › May 27, 2014
This course is the bomb diggity! I am also in the middle of raising money with the park to get new baskets! It will hopefully improve the course and make all the questions on the baskets and "missed putts" go away. Great course worth the money to play!
Pennyland Park › June 24, 2017
The course has had a face lift!! The new baskets and new pin locations are awesome. As well as great use of the land!