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Wisconsin, USA Righty - Backhand and forehand

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Yulga   6 pictures
The best of 3 courses in Stevens Point, WI
Yellowbanks (Wausau/Weston, WI)   6 pictures
Newly created in 2011/2012, this has quickly become one of my go-to courses.(esp. since it is only 4 miles away). This course still needs a lot of work (esp. decent tee pads) to meet it's great potential, but it is becoming better all the time, as the Wausau Area Disc Golf Enthusiasts have invested much time and effort to make incremental improvements to this course. This is a fun course, but not great for beginners.
Standing Rocks (Stevens Point, WI)   4 pictures
One of the top courses in Central Wisconsin. The pictures here simply do not do this course justice. This is a 33 hole course that poses great elevation and is largely wooded (of course). This is one course that I will greatly miss!
Lake Eureka (Eureka, IL)   3 pictures
This is currently my favorite course in Central Illinois. Thankfully, the Peoria area has 4 great courses that I have played thus far (others are McNaughton, Bradley Park, and Central Illinois College) that are decently to heavily wooded; the way disc golf courses should be. If all goes well, this my soon become one of my "home" courses!
Johnson park (Lacon, IL)   2 pictures
For a central Illinois course, this is one of the more decent 9-hole courses around. Sadly, the only pictures I have of this course were taken from the decently elevated hole 4.
John Muir Middle School (Wausau, WI)   6 pictures
John Muir created a small on-grounds 9-hole course in 2012. There are actually about 5 holes here that are simi-interesting. The first picture is simply meant to show just how small (and basically useless) the "tee pads" are on this course.
Tower Ridge (Eau Claire, WI)   6 pictures
Tower Ridge has two 18 hole courses. The first is, especially, mostly large, long and wooded (no pun intended). The elevation of the first course is intense (for Wisconsin)! Several of the holes are legitimate par 4's and 5's. The pictures shown here are only of hole 17, which recently received an even more elevated tee pad.
Brickyard (Menomonie, WI)   6 pictures
Have played this course twice during my sales travels. This is a Very unique course, with several different tees and pins. You can literally make each hole fairly easy or very difficult depending on which combination of tees/pins you choose to play. Needless to say, I love this course! Much elevation change. I will say however, that the first time I visited this course it was badly overgrown.
Big Eau Pleine County Park   2 pictures
This is what I largely consider to be my "home" course, although it is not the closest to my current residence. This is an excellent Central Wisconsin course! The only thing it is lacking is change in elevation. As you will see, the park is loaded with deer.
Axldog Acres   6 pictures
Took a trip to this incredible private course after a long day's work of traveling sales. This course is not for the faint of heart (or beginners). Very unique course, with some incredibly memorable holes. Quite honestly, although it was a LOT of fun to play, by the time I was done for the day I had lost two discs in the incredibly long grass (off the fairways), and was quite tired and frustrated. Again, wonderful course! Would like to play it again, when not so exhausted.