Alex Wigand

Michigan, USA Righty - Backhand and forehand

Alex's reviews

Brys Park › October 2, 2012
The park is decent enough and the baskets are pretty nice, as well as the posts at each hole, but the layout is awful. There is a running path that goes through every single hole. You will spend the whole day trying to avoid hitting runners and joggers. All the holes are SUPER short too. You're better off making a drive to a better course.
Tomahawk Park › September 5, 2012
I played this course with the Ace Race layout and totally loved it. Can't wait to see the full layout! Great course, and the people who own the place are really cool!
Founders Sports Park › August 24, 2012
This is by far the best 9 hole I've ever played. and with easy to follow short tees on every hole, it makes a good 18. Lots of tight long shots. I was amazed at how long it took to play as just 9 holes. great course.
Hudson Mills MetroparkOriginal course › August 1, 2012
Great Course. Beautiful layout and use of land. Clean and litter free.
Hudson Mills MetroparkMonster course › August 1, 2012
This is the most challenging course layout i have ever played. the long holes really drag on your score, forcing you to step up on the reachable ones.
Holly Woods › August 1, 2012
Awesome course. mosquitos can get annoying certain times of the year. Worth the drive though.
Seymour Lake Park › August 1, 2012
Nice course layout. keep your eye out for the bricks in the ground marking next tee, there are few posts.
Civic Center Park › August 1, 2012
The best place to take a newbie. located next to the police station and library so there are no partiers. You're usually there alone. all you need is a midrange or putter. Great putt and approach fundamentals.
Oakland University › August 1, 2012
Nice layout on a beautiful college campus. The grass could be cut more often. Fun to play. Bad tee pads.
Stony Creek MetroparkBlue course › August 1, 2012
My home course. The new layout makes it fun and interesting after a long run with the old layout. Great Course. Maintenance could do with a little help. Lots of teenagers later in the summer days.