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Wisconsin, USA Righty - backhand

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Acorn Park › July 6, 2013
Really a pretty great course for being in the metro area, and free, and 18 good holes that aren't totally destroyed by hoodlums. I'm thankful to have this course so close to me, even if it is one of the busiest courses in the country on a weekend afternoon (it's true, look it up)
Miniwaukan Park › May 23, 2012
The designers of this course did a great job with what they had here. Pretty much zero elevation change and not many trees, but all the trees that are there are used well. Most of the pins are tucked within pockets of trees and there isn't always a direct line to the pin. Most holes are within 300 feet, except for the one or two that stray beyond that. I like the new signs and number markers. It makes navigating easier.
Valley View Park › May 21, 2012
This course is fun and relatively challenging. Every pin is well within the range of most players, so birdies and aces are plentiful. I really enjoy the holes in the woods. Great course.
Silver Creek Park › May 8, 2012
Favorite course. Just go.
Quarry Park › May 8, 2012
Really really great. Love this course. The first hole that drops into the woods is one of my favorites.
Lustig Park › May 8, 2012
This is a great course if you live in the area. You're not going to find another good course around unless you take the trip out to Madison.

There is a great mix of short and long, left and right, up and down. I don't find the quality of baskets to really be a problem, the park is always clean, nice concrete pads, and it's really not very busy, considering that it's in a larger city.

Me and my buddies usually come here when we get sick of Whitewater...
Estabrook Park › May 8, 2012
I agree with Mr. Blaze. I'm not sure how you can give this course a poor grade. Sure you have to fight to play there, but it's in the middle of Milwaukee and it's worth the trouble. What do you want? If it's always full of disc golfers, that must be a good sign right?

Great mix of holes in and out of the woods. Actually, I tend to enjoy playing in areas where it feels busy. It seems like a small place where you can escape from the hustle and bustle and enjoy some disc.
Dretzka ParkMain course › May 8, 2012
Man, this course is a champ. There is a reason they have a few of the bigger tournaments at this course.

So fun, so much variety, and lots of challenge. Plus 27 holes? Yes. I'd miss the birth of my first born child to play Dretzka on a sunny July afternoon.
Rock River › May 8, 2012
I like the first 9, and they make for a good warm up if you are going to play the second 9. It's a little irritating how far apart the two 9's are from each other, but I am lazy after all. The first nine is good for beginners/average players. Except for that 5th hole which is just ridiculous. It's like that part of Mortal Kombat where Johnny Cage has to fight Scorpion. Waaaaay too many trees to make an ace a possibility. If you aced that hole, you are lucky. Admit it. The second nine ...
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Harnischfeger Park › May 8, 2012
What can I say about Harnischfeger?...This course was the closest to my house growing up, and me and my buddies really had a good time out there. It was really the place where I learned the finer points of disc golf, and where we had the best rivalries. Holes #3-6 are very legit and challenging. Take advantage of the open holes and get your birdies.

I don't think any hole stretches over 350ft,but I could be wrong. All of them are fairly straight so a lefty or righty can be equally comfortable. Don't let Hole #6 get in your head...
Elver Park › May 8, 2012
Hard to give this course anything less than an A. I love courses that take place in the woods and provide a good challenge. The large hill at the beginning and end is a fun obstacle to deal with, and there is a good mix of everything here. You will likely be required to use all of your shot types and discs. Might as well, you paid for all of them.
Heritage Trails County Park › May 8, 2012
I give this course a lot of credit. Sure, you have to pay (but does anyone?) and I think it's worth the $2 or whatever.

The first couple holes are boring, agreed. Careful in the summer when the grass outside of the fairway gets up to your titties. At least they mow the fairways...

After hole 5 or so it gets interesting when you start to go up and down hills and through the line of trees that splits every hole. Downhills holes are very fun, uphill holes suck...

If I play at Sussex Village Park, I usually make the trip over to Heritage.
Village Park › July 10, 2015
This was one of my favorite courses growing up. When I was younger, and less experienced, I thought this course was pretty challenging. It's got a little of everything. A few through the woods, a little water on #1, some long holes, right/left. If you are an above average player, you shouldn't have any trouble playing here. It is a very fun course, and its variety makes it a good spot to tune up your game.
Wales Community Park › May 8, 2012
Meh. Pretty boring course, yet it does the job if you live in the area. I wouldn't travel more than ten miles to play here. Good course if you want to try out a new disc or practice with your drivers.

If you have some distance, and can control that distance, you can score an -18 here. No real accuracy needed as all the holes are open. A couple tricky shots over bodies of water which tend to take my breath away for a second...
Hiestand Park › May 15, 2016
Dude, I love this course. It's the perfect blend of difficult pin placements and fun playing environment. I tend to enjoy courses that have most of their holes in the woods, but aren't completely bombarded by trees. You are in the woods, but have space to throw. You can tell that every hole was deliberate and not just filler. Great mix of long and short. If you ace anyone of these holes, you can be very proud. I wish I lived in Madison...
University of Wisconsin Whitewater › May 8, 2012
First of all, I should probably feel pretty lucky that I have a disc golf course less than 100 yards from my apartment. I'm able to play everyday, and I used to play between classes. This course gets a bad rep, probably because most of you haven't been here in a while. They added 6 holes (albeit they are a bit forced) so it is now a full 18. This course, as most courses should, has a great mix of everything. A few long holes, but most of them are under 250-300ft. A lot of "aceable" holes ...
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