Wayne Freight Train Trump Jr.

Pennsylvania, USA Righty - forehand

Wayne Freight Train's reviews

Codorus Township Park › March 6, 2017
Course is still developing after 2 years. Long pins on several holes and several long pads were added on certain holes last year. Several tees are currently being redone. Layout is great for the amount of space to work with. Good combination of open and wooded holes. Fast greens on precariously placed pin locations make for awesome death putts. Course has tee signs and next tee markers under basket to make navigation a breeze.
Calvert Road Park › August 25, 2013
Creeping Creek DGC › December 30, 2012
Ellison Park › July 25, 2011
Genessee Valley Park2011 Am Worlds Temp Course › July 24, 2011
Churchville Park › July 24, 2011
Rockburn Branch › March 20, 2011
Scarboro Hills › March 2, 2011
Codorus State ParkRed course › September 24, 2010
Well groomed course, a lot of open area to be played and a bunch of birdie opporunities, but you need to hit those birdies because there are a few holes that can leave a scar. Wind is the most challenging part of the course. You can't come out to codorus and think theres not gonna be any wind.
Codorus State ParkBlue course › September 24, 2010
This is my backyard right here technical, wooded course. Good variables on distance on each hole. Some real standout holes like hole 6 uphill, very tough to 3, for me. Hole 8's challenging downhill putt and a bunch of other fun holes. This is one of the courses i would possibly choose if i could only play one hole for the rest of my life, but i would probably either choose Whispering Falls or The Quake.
Codorus State ParkPines Mini › September 24, 2010
I HATE MINIS. nah they're okay but not my cup of tea, but the course is nice. Not many courses have 54 holes and 9 of minis soooooo i have to give Codorus 5 stars.