Wayne Freight Train Trump Jr.

Pennsylvania, USA Righty - forehand

Wayne Freight Train's reviews

Codorus Township Park › April 29, 2015
Calvert Road Park › August 25, 2013
Creeping Creek DGC › December 30, 2012
Ellison Park › July 25, 2011
Genessee Valley Park2011 Am Worlds Temp Course › July 24, 2011
Churchville Park › July 24, 2011
Rockburn Branch › March 20, 2011
Scarboro Hills › March 2, 2011
Codorus State ParkRed course › September 24, 2010
Well groomed course, a lot of open area to be played and a bunch of birdie opporunities, but you need to hit those birdies because there are a few holes that can leave a scar. Wind is the most challenging part of the course. You can't come out to codorus and think theres not gonna be any wind.
Codorus State ParkBlue course › September 24, 2010
This is my backyard right here technical, wooded course. Good variables on distance on each hole. Some real standout holes like hole 6 uphill, very tough to 3, for me. Hole 8's challenging downhill putt and a bunch of other fun holes. This is one of the courses i would possibly choose if i could only play one hole for the rest of my life, but i would probably either choose Whispering Falls or The Quake.
Codorus State ParkPines Mini › September 24, 2010
I HATE MINIS. nah they're okay but not my cup of tea, but the course is nice. Not many courses have 54 holes and 9 of minis soooooo i have to give Codorus 5 stars.