Justin Kinsman

Michigan, USA Righty - Backhand and forehand

Justin's reviews

Bay Court Park › May 18, 2012
I liked the course but it was really small, the baskets were old and smaller that regular baskets. That being said its a really fun beginner course and I definitely enjoyed my time there.
Pierson Road YMCA › April 27, 2012
not to large, really easy. But super fun. It is what you make it. It was pretty fun for me and I enjoyed it
Founders Sports Park › May 18, 2012
Other than it being super confusing to find hole 9 and a half mile walk from hole 1 to hole 2 Its a lot of fun and pretty creative. Good Warm up course before I go to Benton.
Cass Benton Hills › April 7, 2012
The Course is a little confusing when playing your first time. But the locals are really friendly and happy to help you get back on track. I may be new to disc golf but I know a good Course and a Good community of fellow disc golfers when I see it.
McCurdy Park › April 7, 2012
Very Creative and super fun to play. Definitely my Favorite course.