Jake La "Putt" ka

Oregon, USA Righty - Backhand and forehand

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Main course

19 Hole Short Loop · 19 holes Not played

21 Basket Bloom Pro · 21 holes Not played

21 Hole Summer 2017 · 21 holes Not played

Regular tees to long pins · 20 holes · Par 60 Played once

63 Best score
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163Jake La "Putt" ka
63.0 Average score
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163.0Jake La "Putt" ka
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62.3Christopher Thomas
64.3Dan Chando
66.0Todd Pace
69.2Tomahawk Tony
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Regular Tees to Long Pins · 23 holes Not played

Regular Tees to Medium/Mixed Pins · 23 holes Not played

Regular Tees to Short Pins · 23 holes Not played