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Michigan, USA Righty - Backhand and forehand

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Diggins Hill › April 14, 2013
terrible clearly designed favoring lefties, very hard to follow, half the holes dont have fairways, needs alot of cleaning, and trimming done, doesnt flow well.
Goldenrod Disc Golf Course › January 17, 2012
homestly one of the worst courses ive played tons of bugs lots of swamp tee pads are horrific and lots of young punks who grafiti and ruin it all
Log Lake Park › January 17, 2012
heavily wooded great if your working on technical shots good pitch and put course leave your drivers at home
Hickory HillsMain course › January 16, 2012
Mt. HolidayMain course › January 16, 2012
Mt. HolidayCarly's Playground › January 16, 2012
by far the best course in michigan that ive played made by a world champion and my man todd lewis thanks for the great addition to traverse city golf scene