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Vance ParkMain course › December 31, 2011
Rockwood Central Park › December 31, 2011
Benson State Park › December 11, 2011
Benson is an alright park...the course was pretty short. They didn't have actual tee pads, just some wood chips in a hole with a railroad ties for the head of the tee. The nice thing about this park is that they have part of the basket painted yellow so its easier to see. The holes are relatively short compared to the other parks that I have been to. It is close to I-84 so that can be a bit annoying and the only way to access the part is to head east bound on 84 and then you have to get back on ...
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Rooster RockWest › December 11, 2011
Great place even for newbies like me. There is one hole near a body of water so you do have to be careful. Me and my friend played if the fall so there were a lot of leafs on the ground in piles so I did loose one of my disks for a little while. The only real down side the park charges a $5 day fee or the annual pass for $30, but I guess there are a lot of places like that.