Jesse "warrior" Wuori

Oregon, USA Righty - Backhand and forehand

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2 wins Jesse "warrior" Wuori
0 wins Mr CLEAN

Match history

Date Match Winner
March 16, 2013 Timber Park
-3 78
Jesse "warrior" Toss 4 the Cross, 27 holes
E 81
Mr Toss 4 the Cross, 27 holes
road the triumph and nothin but sunshine til milo, got there early <7am> helped to set up, played an early round with couple cool cats from north, pre-round was on fire, acctual round was not, still had a few good drives, great putts and one hell of a good time! this event was run very well with alot of great ideas that made it FUN!!! rained all day and hit the road <6:30pm> to enjoy sideways buckets of rain til molalla <20min> then the sun found that sweet spot between the cloud cover and horizen so had sun in face the rest of the ride home. AMAZING DAY!!!
Jesse "warrior"
July 19, 2012 Waterloo
-3 51
Jesse "warrior" Regular tees, 18 holes
1 22 33 34 35 36 37 28 39 210 211 312 413 314 315 216 317 418 3Out 51 / -3
+4 58
Mr Regular tees, 18 holes
always fun w Filly and the course is always fun to . it is a bit over grown now and there ies alot of trash on the course.WTF? litter bugs...WHY?
Jesse "warrior"