Paul Ashmore

West Virginia, USA Righty - forehand

Paul's reviews

Black Course › February 5, 2017
A great course that requires every throw in your bag. It's the longest course in WV so make sure you grab the 'easy birdies' when you can.
The Timberdoodle Thicket › January 10, 2014
A fantastic course with one of the best disc golf vibes you can have. Literally in the middle of nowhere West Virginia, this course will surprise you. A must visit if you're playing in WV.
Yellow Course › August 8, 2013
This course was designed with fun in mind. If you're expecting a challenge, this is not your course, try the Black Course. That being said, this is a fun course that is short and offers an ace run on every basket. It's a great course to practice putt and approach shots, glow rounds, and ace races. A fun course for beginners to start playing the game, the Yellow Course is stroller and wheelchair accessible. The course record is -17 by World Champion Johnny Sias. I promise you'll leave the course saying, "I should have thrown lower!"