Sean Kecskes

Michigan, USA Righty - backhand

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Sleepy Hollow State Park › October 16, 2011
This course is very well groomed, has good lengths and a nice variety of shots. The day I came here was during a wind storm so a couple discs were lost in the tall grass, but that's all part of the game. Hole nine is a VERY SCARY (in a good way) fairway and possibly the most unique I've seen.
Hudson Mills MetroparkOriginal course › October 5, 2011
This is a great course, no complaints.
Hudson Mills MetroparkMonster course › October 5, 2011
We usually refer to this course as Pebble Beach. Don't know if anyone else does. If you can get to this course you need to play it.
Holly Woods › October 5, 2011
This course started off great but near the end there isn't even a fairway on the holes. Might as well stand in an uncut forest and throw your disc as far as you can. A lot of road noise as well. It seems like there is a lot of new growth that never got trimmed down. Also, avoid this course at all costs if it is warm and rained at all in the recent past. Millions. Of. Mosquitoes. I tried to like this course but I don't think I'll return.
Stony Creek MetroparkBlue course › October 5, 2011
Great course, challenging and appealing. Can't wait to see the addition.
LakeshoreThe Ponds › October 5, 2011
This is THE course I take beginners to for the sheer fact that it's -almost- impossible to lose a disc here unless you hit the water. Great mix of holes, all sorts of challenges, well maintained as well. They also put little arrows on the baskets showing which way the next tee is. I wish every course did that.
Kensington MetroparkBlack Locust › October 5, 2011
There's really nothing wrong with this course but I find it hard to love it because I miss the old one so much. They did a great job on this design, however, and I would come much more often if only it were a little closer. It definitely favors the right turn but I've never had a problem throwing backhand, the fairways are clear, and everything is well marked with the exception of a couple forks in the path because of where the old course used to be.
Firefighters Park › October 22, 2013
Great course, very open. For first timers the course progression can be confusing and unless there's a regular there you have no help. That being said the crowd that plays here is very friendly.

EDIT: There's a legible map at hole one now
Bay Court Park › October 22, 2013
This is a great park for a quick 30 minute solo game. I'm changing my review to be worse since they started charging $2 to play here.I can go to Kensington for $2 and play a 27 hole course. I understand the need to pay for maintenance and cleaning, but for a 9 hole, small course, that's not reasonable, and I haven't seen any maintenance to warrant it, either. Where's the money going, exactly?
Cass Benton Hills › October 5, 2011
Cass is one of the courses I learned on so it has sentimental value for me but lately it's just been depressing. People and windstorms have ravaged the course. I wish I could have started earlier and seen this course in its heyday. If somebody ever adopted it though, it would clean up pretty, no doubt.