Robert Duck

Michigan, USA Righty - Backhand and forehand

Robert's reviews

Cornerstone University › October 17, 2011
great day of golf on a very cold light wind day. The grass was wet, the disc were flying, and I love what the Alpha League has created out here.
Old Farm Park › September 28, 2011
I have a love for this course because I feel it gives the eyes and brain a test. Many Hazards and many ways you have to see a flight pattern. I like this for a style challenge. Also its a clean park for the most part.
J.C. Park › September 28, 2011
The course over the years has become a mess, fallen trees, trash in the fairways. but overall the course can still test you. This day I finally got hole 10 ace and almost 11. If 11 would be a normal basket prolly back to back ace.
Earl W. Brewer ParkBlue course › September 26, 2011
played white as well, very wet day, muddy hike
Cornerstone University › October 5, 2011
love this course I made it. lol however with the area we were allowed to build we made it more of a fun course then a difficult. This is my best score so far here, Im a AM 3 player its my best score this year so far. Reading comments and all should know it was a creation of a course centered around limited grounds but to keep it safe with short tee pads and 25' off any path from the drive. Also hole #10 was said by our rep at Innova this because of its serenity would be given a A+ just this hole. But to be recognized as it was meant a lot to us.