Jim Jean

Michigan, USA Righty - backhand

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Main course

· 1 holes Not played

Back 9 Short Tees Short Baskets · 9 holes Not played

Back Nine Short Tees Short Baskets · 1 holes Not played

Fall Color Classic Short and Longs Mix · 18 holes Not played

Front 9 Short · 9 holes Not played

Front longs(B) Back shorts(A) · 18 holes Not played

Front Nine Short Tees Short Baskets · 1 holes Not played

Front shorts(A) Back longs(B) · 18 holes Not played

Long Tees to Alternating Pins · 18 holes Not played

Long tees to short baskets · 18 holes · Par 54 Played 4 times

64 Best score
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964Jim Jean
1167Justin Goldsmith
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66.3 Average score
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158.0Mitch Hubbard
260.0Randy Gallagher
366.3Jim Jean
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