Patrick Blazek

Colorado, USA Righty - Backhand and forehand

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Fountain Hills Park › March 7, 2011
Beautiful scenery, fun course. Very easy to lose plastic, not ideal for beginners.
Vista Del Camino Park › March 3, 2011
Tournament layout is pretty fun and challenging. Got to stay in between the lines and away from all the water. 6 par 4's
Water Works Park › January 28, 2011
Amazing course, Beautiful rolling hills every where, lots of big trees, fun and technical course. One of the best if not the best course in Kansas City
Frontier Park › January 28, 2011
This is my home course where I first learned how to play disc golf so of course I'm going to like it more that others. But it honestly has pretty much everything you can ask for. Lots of OB and technical shots but still a good amount of birdie opportunites. There's like 4 or 5 pin placements for a lot of holes now and there's actually 2 sets of pro tee pads on every hole. So you can always change it up if you get tired of one layout. This is a must and it's only like 5 minutes off of I-70 if you're passing through.
Colorado Mountain College, Glenwood › January 28, 2011
I actually really like this course. It's unique, I haven't played a course quite like it before. It's got a fair amount of wooded holes that are fairly technical. There's a variety of distances, nice elevation changes on a few holes. The ground is mostly dry grass,bushes and dirt, so if it rains be preparred for a muddy day. A thumbers paradise too, too bad for me :(
Beaver Meadows Resort Ranch › January 28, 2011
What a beautiful course. You feel like you're at a resort here. This course is very challenging with a lot of unique holes. It's a lot of fun but can be frustrating at times and tough to find discs on the blind holes. This course has great elevation, tight fairways, wide range of distances, great scenery, etc. The only thing keeping it from an A for me is there is too many blind holes and the tee pads are dirt tee pads. Other than that it's pretty much perfect!
Sundance Trail Ranch › January 28, 2011
Great course, very challenging. Great variety of holes, elevation, trees, technical, distance. It's got it all!
Optimist › January 28, 2011
I honestly love this course. I actually like how it goes from pristine green grass for the first 8 holes to dry and dead looking in the back. Kinda makes me think of dr jekyll and mr hyde. It's a great variety of everything, it's only lacking elevation (not that it really needs it) and more a few more OB's. Prob the second best non mountain course in CO next to Pueblo.
Widefield Park › January 28, 2011
Great course with lots of different pin placements. Great variety of distances and fairly technical. Nice big trees everywhere and a little 5 foot wide creek that runs through out the whole course. You'll be surprised how often you land in the creek for how small it is. I love this course, definitely the best course in the Springs
Edora Park › January 28, 2011
Great old course, great variety of distances, fair amount of trees a few holes where you just get to go out and bomb. There's a creek that comes into play on quite a few holes and some street OB's. Sounds like it gets a little crowded but definitely a must play.
Pessimist › January 28, 2011
This course is actually pretty fun, not very appealing to the eye but still pretty challenging. Great water hazzards and a few par 4's and one par 5. I think if they put in some concrete or fly pads it would up this to a B+ or A-. Usually just used during the High Plains Challenge. I think it's a private course not sure if it's set up 24/7
HP Disc Golf Course › January 28, 2011
Fun kinda unknown course. Great elevation changes and average amount of trees for a colorado course. Good variety of distances although most holes are under 350ft. Definitely worth checking out
Cottonwood Creek Park › January 28, 2011
This is actually a really fun course, great variety of holes, short, long, open, tight and technical and elevation. Sounds great right? Well the main thing that I think makes this course not appealing is the fact that most people stop going here after their first time beacause of how crowded it is with new/casual golfers. A lot of them are very disrespectful and don't wait for you to clear the hole before they start thowing the hole, it doesn't matter how short or long the hole is too. So I thin ...
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Centennial Park › January 28, 2011
One of my favorite 9 hole courses in Colorado. I haven't played a lot of em but this one is pretty fun. Technical and good variety of short and long holes. Creek comes into play on a few holes, nice sized trees everywhere and yet again another great use of space.
Loomiller › January 28, 2011
Yet another great 9 holer. Good combination of short and long holes and there's a couple ponds that come into play. All in all a great use of space
Beaver Ranch › January 28, 2011
Awesome mountain course, very challenging. Not on a ski slope so no other traffic other than disc golfers for the most part. Great elevation changes (obviously) and very tight gaps. Theres multiple pin placements and there's a great variety of short and long holes. If you really enjoy challenging courses this one is so good that it is gauranteed to improve your game. This course is a must if you are in the Denver area. Only like 35 minutes or so from downtown.
Bird's Nest Disc Park › January 28, 2011
Now this course is a fairly wide open course but they did a great job with the space they were provided. It's right by the foothills so there's some pretty cool views of the mountains. It's a pretty lenghty course not many trees and some tall grass. It's 24 holes and mostly flat, aside from hole 1 and like 18 and 19. If you like courses that are just disc golf courses and not in parks this one is nice and quiet
Benedict Park › January 28, 2011
Really fun 9 hole course, only played it a few times but enjoyed it each time. Really well designed for the space that they had to use. Good mixture of short and long holes and there's a actually a few holes where you really have to hit your line. Definitely worth the visit.
Westminster DGC › January 28, 2011
Another wide open course in Denver. Great place to practice your distance shots though. Not too much challenge at this course unless you don't have much distance to your drive. Water comes into play on a couple holes. Still fun to play every once in awhile.
Johnny Roberts › January 28, 2011
This is a fun short technical course. Fair amount of trees and a creek that comes into play on almost every hole. Also nice that your discs are easily retrievable most of the time unless we just had a rain storm. Only thing keeping this course from being an A is the fact that it has so much traffic (disc golfers and walkers/bikers) and that there aren't really any long holes.
David A. Lorenz DG Course › January 28, 2011
Very repetive course, lots of annoying bushes. Other than that it's also very wide open and mostly straight or hyzer shots with nothing in the way. Almost every hole is 300-380ft. My least favorite 18 hole course in Denver/surrounding areas.
Exposition Park › January 28, 2011
Very open and smelly course :) hehe, lots of ducks. It's pretty cut and dry, mostly straight forward shots with nothing in the way. The ponds do come into play on maybe 7 or 8 holes. Good course for beginners if you don't mind losing some plastic
Camenisch ParkBlair Witch › January 28, 2011
Complete 180 from the original 18 part of the course. Nicely wooded and challenging. Lots of birdie opportunites but also a fair amount of opportunities for errors.
Camenisch ParkBadlands › January 28, 2011
Very hilly, up and down course. Fun but tiring, first hole is always a fun way to start the round. Mostly elevation changes and a few trees come into play.
Pueblo City Park › January 28, 2011
Best non mountain course in Colorado