Brian Anderson

Massachusetts, USA Righty - overhand

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Bill Frederick ParkT2 - The Turkeynator › December 29, 2010
I have to say that this course is fun, challenging, and overall a beautiful course from start to finish. The park's involvement shows how much a course can benefit from cooperation with the people who run the park. They sell discs at the gate as you enter the park, and the parking is fantastic. GREAT JOB!
Coggshall Park › September 12, 2010
Coggshall Park has just opened 18 playable, temporary targets. The middle of the fairways are cleared, but the rough around the fairways is still cluttered. The permanant targets will be purchased soon and the fairways will be cleared further as work days follow. Parking is still an issue because we are in the process of making a parking area, but there is limited parking by the road.