mike zorovich

Connecticut, USA Righty - Backhand and forehand

mike's reviews

Veterans Memorial Park › February 4, 2012
once the locals put in the tee pads (rumored to be happening over the next two months), this course has the potential of being one of the best courses in CT. great design went into each hole. true golf shots on every hole, no quirky holes anywhere. each hole can easily be a "swing" hole come tournament time.
Orange High Plains Community Center › December 5, 2010
third time through this course, still feel the same short technical holes where birdies are earned not given. recent wind storm knocked down some branches, but overall really fun course.
Maple HillGold › November 22, 2010
WOW. enough said.
SugarbushBase course › October 17, 2010
this course is fantastic. my only complaint is hole 6. it really needs a redesign. long, up hill, par five but only the big arms can reach the turn in 2. everyone else needs to roll the dice and cut through the shule. made it though first round for the 5, but lost the battle with a 7 second round. all they would need to do is trim out the cut-through of small brush.

the rest of the holes are fantastic. i'd give the 17 holes (every hole minus 6) and A and hole 6 a D.