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Fairmont Park › August 31, 2013
Great looking course lots of awesome holes and challenging fairways you definitely want to stay on the fairway on a lot of the holes or you might get poked by some thorn vines. I would have to say the hole 1 is my favorite because its a long kind of wide tunnel shot but there are a lot of other nice looking holes as well.
Frontier Park › May 11, 2013
great course a lot of fun tuff wooded holes to long bombing holes
Crestview ParkWest › February 27, 2013
Good all around course
Konen Creek › February 27, 2013
Herman Hill Park › November 4, 2012
Great course red and blue teepads nice baskets. The course is pretty challengeing exspecially if theres any wind alot of ob. For being in kansas theres some pretty treey holes. But all around great course.
Moon Lake › February 27, 2013
Great all around course, this course will challenge even the most veterned discgolfer and will cause you to throw every shot in your bag. Doesn't have teepads.
Rock Springs 4-H Center › January 29, 2014
Nice course it is well kepted up. The holes are all kind of short but overall its a nice course.
Carey ParkMain course › March 25, 2012
Pros: There are concrete teepads, baskets, signs, Benches at every teepad which is very nice. There are alot of fun long holes and a few wooded holes.
Cons: some of the holes are kind of short and open, a couple of the tee signs are missing, and theres alot of sand.
But overall it is a very nice course.
Riley's Conference Center › December 31, 2011
Pros:This is a good course the with alot of distance. Some of the holes require some skill to work through threw the trees. There is also old golf cart paths that are OB so you got to be acurate with your drives on some holes. Cons: There are stakes in the ground that mark the tee pads that you can very easily cut yourself on if you get to close to them. Some of the tee pads are really spread apart so you have to walk to find the next hole.Some of the holes are wide open that dont need to be th ...
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Huntress › October 16, 2011
its got alot of elavation change some fun shots and alot of easey shots as well.
The baskets are homemade and there are no tee pads just brick markers like alot of small towns have
Brown Memorial Park › October 9, 2011
nice course
Lakewood Park › October 9, 2011
good course but divided
Fairmont Park › December 14, 2011
Warner Park › January 29, 2014
A lot of short technical holes with a lot of elevation. Not much for long throwing people a few holes aren't that great but the holes that are good are really gooooooodd.
Thomas Park › November 15, 2022
Really hard course its made more for pros the holes are really tricky but there are are some that are open but only like 4. This is an extremly nice well kept up course that is always fun to play but if you go in the trees you might end up with a doulble or even triple bogey. It has very nice signs and some of the biggest tee pads that i have ever seen. I reccomend this couse to more experinced players.
City Park › October 9, 2011
Chautauqua Park › November 25, 2011
This course is extremly nice there is a course map at the entrance that shows all the distances and location of the baskets, teepads. It has a couple of short holes but there gemys by any means. An couple of the holes play over the river but its not that hard to throw over.My favorite hole is 6 it is over 600f feet with the railroad to the right that is OB speaking of OB the roads are OB and there are lots of them they are like a spider wed on 11-18. Now for the downers for the park the baskets ...
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Tuttle Creek State Park - River Pond › November 25, 2011
this course is one of my favorite course of all time it has long and midrange holes there are few short holes but all around great course it is took care of really well and there is allways someone playing the baskets are a little older but they catch disc really well and the teepads are concrete but they are a little shorter than normal I recommend this course to everyone.
Dexter Park › November 24, 2011
Tootleville Park › September 2, 2013
This is an 11 hole course Hole1-a 390 ft right handed hyzyer with a creek and football field OB on the right and left Hole2-a 248 ft tunnel shot with a tennis court ob to the left and a creek ob to the right Hole3-a 370 ft dog leg right with a creek OB to the left and long Hole4-a 246 ft straight shot slightly up hill with ob to the right Hole5-a 120 ft straight shot downhill with ob right behind the basket Hole6-a 325 ft dog leg left with a ton of trees around the basket, and a ob creek r ...
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