Kevin Morrow

Virginia, USA Righty - backhand

Kevin's reviews

Cedar Hill Park › June 29, 2011
Course was a challenge and fun. Up & downhill, wooded, open and varety of shots needed. The only bad thing was it rained hard the night before & the tee pads were slick and the course was a little muddy.
Signal View › June 4, 2011
This has to be the nicest 9 hole course I have ever played. Beautiful scenic area, well groomed course and a challenge. This is how I like Disc Golf Courses. It is obvious that the planners of this course had growing the local disc golf scene in mind by installing beginner tee pads. The scorecards & pencils are a nice touch. The info sign as you approach the first tee on where you could get discs at the Community Center shows that the local community is really trying grow the sport locally. ...
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Loriella Park › June 2, 2011
Loriella is turning out to be my home course. Most holes are through the woods but the first 2 & last 2 are open. Uphill & downhill shots. Hyzers & anhyzers off the tee. Plenty of birdie opportunities for guys like me that don't throw 350'. But be accurate in the woods. Some of the wooded holes par can be saved off the path but most will punish you for missing the drive off the tee. Early morning rounds you will find yourself all alone on the course.
University of Richmond › May 24, 2011
The course review is based on how the course is and how it fit my game. I like this course a lot. It fit the campus well but there are a few navigation issues. Each hole has new rubber tee pads and nice hole signs along with new DGA Mach III baskets. The course opens with a few open holes and then takes you in to the wooded holes with a solid mix of uphill, downhill, hyzers & anhyzers then ends with 2 open holes. This course has students that have never played the game in mind. (There were a few ...
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Greene Co. Community Park › April 30, 2011
I liked this course a lot. There are open long holes for the big throwers and tight wooded holes for accuracy throwers. Severe elevation holes going up & down hill. The wooded holes are an advantage for players like me who aren't as long but can throw tight & accurate. If you get off the path on this course in the woods you are in the jailhouse for sure.

The course has been redesigned and there are marker signs at each hole and the local club members take good care of the course and are working hard to improve it.
Pratt Park › April 18, 2011
16 is a elevated tee in the woods the difficulty is the climb down to where the basket is. The steep climb up the steps at 18 to get out of the ravine is rough.