David Chernati

New Jersey, USA Righty - backhand

David's reviews

Camp Tecumseh › March 16, 2021
Great tee-pads. Healthy mix of woods and fields with a variety of lines for forehand and backhand throws. Excellent course!
South Mountain Park › January 31, 2021
This course is fun but short, with a lot of elevation change. Tight lines, a lot of trees, and a lot of potential ace-able holes. I would enjoy some tee-signs or maps with distances and pin locations.
Majestic ParkGunks DGC › November 24, 2020
Winter has eliminated a lot of tall grass and low-hanging foliage. The course is very well laid out, with a great mix of uphill/downhill shots, tunnels, and fields. Off-fairway shots are difficult with a lot of young trees. Great fun!
Greystone Woods › November 6, 2020
It wasn't the smoothest layout, as some of the tee pads were far away and difficult to find with the current marks; some of the arrows were turned around, damaged, and partially obscured by newly fallen leaves. Thankfully, I met up with another player that showed me a much nicer layout that cut 30min off our overall time. Some tee pads were like throwing out of craters, with roots, rocks, and such, but others were almost brand new tee pads with paver stones. The course has challenging line ...
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Browns Point/Buzzy's Creek › November 3, 2020
1. Very close quarters. Many of the holes seem to overlap, leaving people on tee pads vulnerable to stray discs.
2. Some of the course markers are warn, without hole maps.
3. Difficult to follow the course without the UDisc map.
Brakewell Steel/WarwickMain course › October 20, 2020
Fields of Dreams › November 3, 2020
A great time for beginners and advanced players!

A good combination of wooded and field holes, par 3s and par 4s. The new long tee pads are excellently placed.
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