Michael Suchoza

Pennsylvania, USA Righty - backhand

Michael's reviews

Langan Municipal Park › September 9, 2014
Willmore Park › September 9, 2014
Excellent use of the city park. Great holes with a nice mix of tight, technical shots and open shots. Enjoy this course immensely.
Baker High School › August 7, 2014
I liked it...... short little 9 hole course with some really fun shots. Lots of cement OB. The course is well thought out.
Crookston › March 19, 2014
Really fun, long course. There is a lot of foot traffic and it comes into play frequently on this short 9 hole built on the perimeter of the park. For 9 holes, it can be a beast, especially with several back to back to back right side pin placements. For a RHBH, a few holes are tough, but others are manageable. With several holes in the 400-540 range, it offers a few chances to air it out. Water and swamp is a factor on a few holes as well. Its a fun course.
The Canyons Resort › July 3, 2012
Riverpark › February 28, 2012
Fairmont Park › January 29, 2012
Solitude Mountain Resort › April 18, 2013
It's almost time! Can't wait for this course to be ready for the season!
Valley Regional › February 27, 2011
Great course, definitely not crowded most of the time. Some fo the short holes are just screaming for an ace to be thrown; yet it is still quite challenging. Some holes snug the OB line closely and trees factor in to a large majority of throws on this course. More wind than a Kansas trailer park....... Good times.
Creekside Park › June 30, 2012
Sweet, technical course. Lots of fun, lots of locals. Plan on spending some time in either a) the river or b) the woods. The course contains lots of opportunities for both!