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Main course

Gold tees to Gold pins · 18 holes · Par 54 Played once

69 Best score
Friends' best scores
158Vinnie Samolis
259Andy Powell
460Jeff Wiechowski
561Michael Delisle Jr
669Bob Crawford
771Scott Osika
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69.0 Average score
Friends' averages
164.0Andy Powell
369.0Bob Crawford
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Similar averages
52.8David Frothingham
55.4Rang Duce
56.0Jeff C
58.5Joe Chapman
59.8J K
60.0Joshua Wedel
60.6josh rappeport
62.3Matthew Zabawa
62.7Anne Lewis
63.2Seth McQuade
63.3Ira Divoll
63.3Justin DeVico
64.0Andy Powell
64.2Alpo Rosa
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Gold tees to Silver pins · 18 holes Not played

Silver tees to Gold pins · 18 holes Not played

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