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Washington, USA Righty - overhand

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Paradise Point State Park › February 13, 2012
Awesome job myki this is by far the best 9 hole around. nothing is extremely long but its technical. well worth it, hope to help expand the course in the future.
L.L. Stewart Stubb › December 24, 2011
HOLYCRAP!!! i love this course. the course is built for my overhead game. hope to get out there more. TOMAHAWK THAT BI*@#!!!!!!!!! be smart stay in the fairway if you take a 4 because you were in the middle of the fair way ooooo well TAKE IT
Rockwood Central Park › May 30, 2011
love that is a nice central park, also had a buddy love sighting while i was there
Vance ParkMain course › May 30, 2011
fun course is great for working on up shots
Rooster RockEast › April 24, 2011
So if you dont mind mabey throwing off into the woods and seeing some old man weiner its an awesome 9 hole
Benson State Park › March 31, 2011
you have to be dead on the basket for your putts to go in. real short holes
White River › January 22, 2011
WTB more white river runs
Horning's HideoutCanyon Course › December 31, 2010
fun course back 9 gets a little Hillie
Horning's HideoutThe Highlands › December 31, 2010
great ace race course and fun for all players
Horning's HideoutMeadow Ridge › December 1, 2010
wow this ones is insane
Pier Park › December 1, 2010
great park tons of trees tho
Glenwood Community Church › December 1, 2010
hard 9 hole its the bane of my existence but fun
Leverich Park › March 25, 2011
good course wish they had more room
Dabney State Park › December 1, 2010
awesome course hope to go there more