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In this album I will show you how to make a high standard home made discgolf basket. The materials I used were... Metal pole, Whiskey barrel liner, Simi outter rim split ring> (OLD TOPS FROM THE HORNING'S HIDEOUT CANYON BASKETS), 4 1/2 x 41/2 x 3/4 inch piece of wood, 2 hose clamps, 2 rubber hose links, screws, nuts/bolts, chain/ "S" hooks, 8 "L" brackets and a can of paint

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after cutting two 4 1/2' inch wood squares... i drilled holes in them to slide around the pole... i then drilled 4 holes in the angle iron to mount the 2 squares to the basket's top... followed by screwing in four "L" brakets to secure the top to the pole
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