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Michigan, USA Righty - backhand

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St. Francis Church › June 2, 2013
i honestly dont know why people like this course even more so with all the great courses around that are likely closer too you or not a big differnce farther i dont know why youd shoot here... some of the holes are okay and some are just plain dumb and theres no hole here id get excited about shooting... save your dollar... shoot oshtemo or blue gill instead
Cascade Township Park › March 22, 2012
open long boring.... great wind practice course, bounce out baskets!
Cornerstone University › June 12, 2011
simple, fun, clean, well kept, slight challenges in almost every way at some point, short but well rounded course
Whitehall Township DGC › June 2, 2011
well maintained and a little bit of everything, well balanced course... that being said deep nine is brutal and needs cement pads
Lincoln Park › June 2, 2011
front nine is beatiful but a little overlapping for the unskilled player its also very short and easy the final 15 is guilty of the same overlapping and the upkeep and terrian is not good, its a shame because its actually a nice lil course some very fun holes.. plus some nice wildlife bonus's for the snake lovers... oh and snake haters, you might not like this course
Fallasburg Park › June 2, 2011
lots of tight slight lefty holes a few through and just hope holes all in all its a course where your prolly better off playing the simple shot rather than trying to overachieve, good fun course a little of everything
Shore Acres Park › April 4, 2014
update: some of the holes have opened up a bit since my first review and the have added more pin locations.. this course has a bit of everything except water and even though its not far from the city its a very untraveled area at night making this a great glow course! considering the area of the state Id say you wont find a better course in the area.. a little anhyzer heavy (backhand right) but overall theres a good mix of shots, i would give it a higher score if a few of the holes had more r ...
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Hickory Hills › August 22, 2011
This course has all elements, youll get your birdie opportunities and your double bogey opportunities. Word of caution this course can be killer on your body. It's elevation and terrain will wear you down. Bring plenty of LIQUID!
Lamar Park › May 25, 2011
goose crap and plenty of people normally in play couple descent holes, if it wasnt for the holes encroaching on the public aspects of the park id have rated higher
Old Farm Park › October 9, 2010
BlueGill Disc Golf Course › September 19, 2011
im sure donations and helpers would come out of everywhere for cement pads
J.C. Park › October 1, 2010