Mike Inscho

North Carolina, USA Righty - backhand

Mike's reviews

Brevard College › July 14, 2011
Loved the Front 9 or 10 holes..Great baskets.
DISLIKED there shotty attempt to keep the back holes in a field mowed. They were mowed but you had a fairway of only 10-12 feet. Everything else was waist high prickers and bushes.

Had a great time..just wished the holes by the track were in better shape.
International Disc Golf CenterWR Jackson Memorial › March 10, 2011
You need a course to whip your noodle arm into shape?? ... play this one. You would've thought I'd learn my lesson on the front nine and start throwing accurate drives. Drives other than that will punish you. Most times if you end up off the fairway..you're pitching out to continue your trek toward the basket. Not sure if I was supposed to but I played the creek out of bounds. The slope of the hill around the creek will really make you talk to your disc about not rolling when she lands. Had a great time finishing up my day on WR Jackson.
International Disc Golf CenterSteady Ed Headrick Memorial › March 10, 2011
Great use of the lake surrounding the course. A little tease of it in the front 9 but then a little bit more water in the back 9. Course kept extremely clean and great use of the rock croppings throughout the hill side. This was my first time playing so taking walks up the fairway were necessary to find some of the pin locations.
Earlewood Park › March 10, 2011
Tyler State Park › February 28, 2011