Brian Morba

Michigan, USA Righty - Backhand and forehand

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Main course

18 Hole Ace Race Layout · 18 holes Not played

2015 Ace Race 12 Holes · 12 holes Not played

A3 24 Hole Layout - All Red, All White, 2-7 Blue · 24 holes Not played

Ace Race 2015 · 48 holes Not played

Mid tees 2x · 18 holes Not played

Short tees · 9 holes · Par 27 Played once

26 Best score
Friends' best scores
120Ben Calhoun
221Ben Ross
322Nick Pacific
423Jeremy Gibbs
423Shane Brayton
624Hunter S. Dotson
725peter kunoff
826g lane
826Brian Morba
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26.0 Average score
Friends' averages
122.0Ben Calhoun
225.6Nick Pacific
326.0Brian Morba
426.1Jeremy Gibbs
526.3Hunter S. Dotson
526.3peter kunoff
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