Brian Morba

Michigan, USA Righty - Backhand and forehand

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Main course

Long Tees · 5 holes Not played

regular layout with Long tees · 18 holes Not played

Tournament layout · 21 holes · Par 63 Played twice

63 Best score
Friends' best scores
152Chris Wojciechowski
152Evan Hughes
152Jimmy Bates
4542 J
555mark manard
656Alex Gilson
656Joe Olson
857Noah Trimmer
958ken parks
958Mike Michalak
958tony mitchell
1359Jesse Cahill
1359Jeremy Gibbs
1359David Stoll
1661Chris Paquette
1661Mike Manard
1661Scott Shaw
1963Brian Morba
1963Erick Cornell
2164Phil "Puttimus Prime" Common
2265Douglas McIntosh
2368Jeremy- Hitman- Horton
2470Dave Lassen
2470Mark Perrine
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63.5 Average score
Friends' averages
155.6Chris Wojciechowski
258.3Alex Gilson
360.6Mike Michalak
461.4Joe Olson
562.6David Stoll
663.5Brian Morba
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Tournament Layout, 21 holes, par 63 · 21 holes Not played