Steve Carson

Washington, USA Righty - backhand

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Yankton Community Fellowship › April 2, 2014
Thanks for putting in this course. I enjoy playing it when I'm in town. It's a fun little course. However, with that said this isn't a course worthy of anything higher than an average rating. The baskets are flimsy, the tee pads barely adequate, several holes play back over other fairways and much of the course can't be played if there are any cars in the parking lot or people around. Some of the shots are fun to make, playing around a building for instance, but it isn't really a golf shot. Also ...
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McCormick Park › April 2, 2014
The only thing holding this course back from an A+ rating is the mud and a few minor issues. Issues aside, this course is a gem! Worthy of Worlds this summer. The course has a variety of terrain, requiring a good level of control and distance. Issues: Being a new course there is the expected thick rough if you get off the fairways. Hole 16 is currently tight and technical only rewarding the most accurate of throws. Several holes have small lakes or mudholes on them which will clear after ...
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Abrams Park › March 24, 2014
Coming soon. The City of Ridgefield is working hard to make this a good short technical course.
Tam O’Shanter Park › September 30, 2013
I've played this course twice now. The first time there were a few dozen people in the park on a Friday afternoon and we had to explain what we were doing there to regular park goers. The second time we couldn't play one hole as there were too many people in that area, and we had to be very careful playing over another group of people on the course. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be courteous of park users as it is obvious that the course has been added with no thought of the dangers to these people. ...
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Lakeview Par 3 Golf Challenge › June 1, 2013
This is a fun and technical pitch and putt course. Playing over water twice and several other obstacles makes this a must play when tournaments are run here.
North Eco Park › March 17, 2012
Even though this course isn't complete yet, it is already fun to play. I look forward to going back when it is completed!
Golden Gate Park › March 3, 2012
Lake Retreat Campground › February 18, 2012
Family friends, short course, great for first timers!
Paradise Point State Park › February 18, 2012
This is a fun 9 hole course which should be worth the drive/fees to play.
Hyzer Pines at S.O.A.R. › October 17, 2011
This is a great course with beautiful surroundings. There is a lot of parking available, signs are top notch, tee pads are in moderate condition. I was able to navigate the course as a first timer without a map, thanks to good paths between the baskets and the next tee.

On the down side the course doesn't have enough variety. The lack of elevation on the property significantly hinders the design options. That said the designers have done a good job with what they had to work with.

Definitely worth playing if you are in the area!
Lucky Mud › October 4, 2011
Beautiful course, Great Place, Friendly owners. No pets allowed.
Dabney State Park › September 3, 2011
Glenwood Community Church › August 27, 2011
Pier Park › August 26, 2011
Portland's Premier Disc Golf course. Beautiful (frustrating) trees. Elevation shots, good signage, great tee pads.
Leverich Park › November 27, 2010
The more I play it, the more I enjoy it. This course requires a good variety of shots and the layout changes on a regular basis to keep you thinking. Locals are VERY friendly.