Sarah DeMar

Michigan, USA

Sarah's reviews

Jim Barnett Park › March 20, 2017
Super playable and fun. Nice concrete pads for both teepads and good use of parkland
Bonnie Brook DGC › September 25, 2014
Best new course design in this area for a long time! Really fun and playable for most skill levels, great elevation usage, very clever holes. Flooding might be an issueso when it's playable, take advantage. And only 16 minutes from home, straight shot down M5 east, super convenient. Tee signs and directions to next tee excellent. Well done, Ted, Lydia and everyone else involved! Also very nice of me play the course for four bucks then apply that toward my yearly pass after I fell in love with the cours (something kensy should and does not do). thx!
White Oak Park › March 17, 2014
Not an easy course, especially in 40 degree rain, white oak was a tremendously beautiful course with a very high fun factor. Loved it! Let me know if there are any A or B tiers there, well worth a road trip.