Paul Tribble

Michigan, USA Righty - Backhand and forehand

Paul's reviews

Blue Heron Park and Wetlands › July 6, 2016
I really enjoyed this course. Kinda odd to see no scores or reviews posted in years. most holes were 2-300 ft but they did very good adding water in the mix on a lot of holes. The course was very well maintained also. If this course had longer holes it would easily be an "A". Good job to whoever put this one in.
Independence Lake County ParkRed Hawk › September 16, 2012
Pretty challenging course.. played from the longs...definitely a course to learn placement shots..unless you can accurately place 450+ ft drives...only big flaw was the large amounts of poison ivy on the course.. especially on the alternates...but it was my first time playing so maybe It was just a bad time for ivy...eitherway super challenging and fun.
Holler In The Hills › August 6, 2012
Probably the best course ever!! not your typical discgolf shots.. some baskets are on giant boulders. elevation is insane..ohh and stay on the fairways.. the rough can get a little rough on a few of the beginning holes..such a great experience. I will be making more trips to play this course.. And be nice and leave a donation .. Its on someones property and they are nice enough to build such and amazing course and let people play there..
Memorial Park › January 31, 2012
Played the course many times. Great for all types of players from casuals to pros..if you want a course to test your driving distance this is it. Mostly wide open holes. The course is always very well taken care of due to the fact the highschool uses it for there sports training.. only thing keeping it from an A+ course is the fact there is no teepads...this can be a burden if the ground is wet. Very fun course!
Kensington MetroparkBlack Locust › June 26, 2011
Great course. Lots of casuals but they all seemed pretty cool with waiting there turns and not rushing.. longs were pretty crazy awesome idea.