IDGC League - New Year New League   January 27 at 3:49pm

League Season Schedule

*1/3/2021 - Ed Long Tees - Rockin' Out
*1/10/2021 - Ed Long Tees - The Steady Ed
*1/17/2021 - Ed Short Tees - Steady to the Max
*1/24/2021 - Warner Short Tees - OG Layout
*1/31/2021 - Ed Long Tees - Steady to the Max
*2/7/2021 - League Cancelled for NAGDT Event
*2/14/2021 - Ed Long Tees - Sidewinder
*2/21/2021 - Warner Short Tees - Tomahawk Sunet
*2/28/2021 - Jackson Long Tees - DOUBLE POINTS
*3/7/2021 - League on Jackson Short Tees
Doubles Skins finals on Jackson Long Tees

TomMac Garrett   January 27 at 10:37pm

i am just saying, there is a lot of righty ED shots on this build up to jackson. i am still working on it, but i am just noticing Ed, which is a righty's dream, is played a lot.

TomMac Garrett   February 13 at 7:44pm

and on 2/21, depending on tee times at langley, for those of us in the aCo.what are your thoughts on teeing off sooner than9:30?

Patrick Graziani   February 13 at 9:31pm

Let me make sure live scoring will work before 9:30, but I have no issue with it if you make arrangements with me beforehand.

TomMac Garrett   February 14 at 9:37pm

Thanks. Now I need to see what time I tee off