24 CHA!NS SPRING/SUMMER LEAGUE 2019   May 28 at 5:47pm

5.24.19 RECAP!! 5.31.19 WATERWORKS!! $5 FREDDY!! 6PM TEE OFF!!

Before we get started BIG THANK YOU to Dave Dirmeyer for letting these disease ridden pirates sully his land for an evening, CHAAAAAAAAA!! If you haven't played Ponder Hills I strongly urge you to call him up and set a tee time. It is a beautiful course!

We had a square 24 pirates test their skills (and try there best not to lose a disc). We played a total of 19 holes and only 21 discs went in the water! Taking the W with a -9 was Scobie/Jessica O, nice shootin! Taking CTP's were Scoobz, Pizi, and both Oleskies' Brandon Oleski snagged the quarters.

This week we are back at the home port in Ypsi! It is a cash game so it is a $10 all in, CHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!