MARK KRUSE  › Bark @ The Moon IX   November 4, 2012 at 11:28pm

hole decorating results: 1st place- the st. aubins....not even close, they go wayyyyy over the top with this hole 15! this is 3 years in a row they have won it.
2nd place: team pfaff on hole took alot of yaegermeister to build that monster!
3'rd place: steve lopez, stevo, hollywood, stevo slim and snoop stevo-stevo all put their efforts together to put out a kick azz hole 13!!!

7 more holes were decorated by some very cool, b@tm zen people who each received a schwwwaaaaggggg bag of disc related goodies!!!

a huge thanks to all the hole make this event waaayyyycool! also thanks to our 2012 b@tm judge , james brown!